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  1. Right. My post was made prior to the Timmy being available on Helix
  2. Ah, I have been looking for this feedback. I’m getting ready to grab a couple of mission pedals and was just going to grab them with the switch since it was the same price. But if the switch is annoying, then I’ll go sans switch. Thanks!
  3. I use the following template: EQ block, wah, phaser, 3 drives, amp 1 and 2 IR's, amp 2 and 2 more IR's (I use a footswitch to toggle between the two amps/IR's. Also, I could just share the IR's between the amps in mot cases, but some times I need different IR's or even volume settings, so I just keep them separate), volume pedal, gain block (DB boost), chorus, trem, 2 delays, and reverb. This takes a super serial path. Depending on the patch, I'll swap out amps (usually one clean or cleanish and the other dirty) or drive pedals. A few things that are helpful for me with this style of template... 1) Footswitches are already assigned. When I swap the amp, I don't have to reassign the FS. 2) I intentionally use the volume pedal block rather than assigning the expression pedal to the amp channel volume. That would actually free up DSL (not that I need it), but then I'd have to assign the expression pedal every time I change an amp. Same with the gain block. I could assign a FS to boost the volume of the amp or output block. But I prefer the gain block. 3) Since this is a fairly complex path (using all Footswitches, paths, and making sure it's set up properly for dual cab), it makes creating new tones very easy. I just save any of my patches to a blank patch and swap as needed. It feels like I have an analog pedal board and large amp selection. It's like I'm just running through my amps to see what I like best. Then I'm just grabbing a "pedal" to swap out gear. The work flow is very quick this way.
  4. I have to unplug my USB hub completely to get everything to work. If the hub is plugged into my Macbook, the Helix and app do not cooperate. Just to be clear, this is even when the Helix is plugged directly into the Mac, not the USB hub itself. It is inconvenient because my mouse, keyboard, etc are all plugged into the USB hub that I essentially use as a docking station.
  5. I spent some time with other amps... I dialed up both a clean and dirty AC30, a Plexi BRT, Twin, a Plexi (jumped), JCM800, and a Bassman. All of those amps sound great! Surprisingly, I used Marshall Cab IR's for all of the amps. Just sounded better to my ears. I really can't find a bad sounding amp in the Helix. I don't dig all of the amps for my personal use, but they are still impressive.
  6. I think it'd be cool to put some HD amps or older pod amps into the Helix. If you pair those up with an IR or a Helix cab, you could end up with some good stuff. I'm sure most HX amp models would still blow them away, but if the older code would work, why not.
  7. I never felt like it was unstable. I've owned one since the first shipment was released. Two days after I got it, I had it programmed and took it to a band audition...that speaks to how much I trusted the Helix. The only issues I've had is trouble with updates and back up presets. That is a Mac/El Capitan issue though. As far as function, there was popping happening when switching between amps within a patch, but that is gone now. I heard of other issues that people had, but I think it could have been isolated to specific units because I never experienced issues. Last night was my first gig in the last few months, so first with my Helix. I had absolutely no issues. I ALWAYS have a back up rig, so I would have been covered. But I didn't have a single worry about the Helix holding up.
  8. I'm using the Boss L2 bag. The dimensions make it seem like it wouldn't quite fit, but it is basically perfect. It's snug, so the unit won't move, but not so snug that it's difficult to put in or remove. I wanted the Helix backpack, but I didn't want to drop the $150. It keeps my rig very compact. I use a dual guitar gig bag that I wear like a back pack, the Helix in one hand and FRFR in the other. Enough pockets between the Boss bag and my gig bag for all the cabling, back up rig (character pedal), picks, strings, etc.
  9. The overdrive selection is somewhat limited. I'd like to see a Timmy added. With the quality of the amps and ability to assign parameters to a FS, you really don't need overdrives like you might in a traditional rig, but they are still fun. Other than that, I'd like to see them continue to expand the amp selection. I'd like a Dumble or Fuchs. The current line of amps are wonderful. This is unlike most units I've owned where I could only find a couple of amps that I liked. I am actually using 12 of the amps right now. I could easily be using another 4 or 5, butI just haven't taken the time to dial up the patches.
  10. Here's a little tip for the A/B switch thing... I usually keep a clean(ish) amp and a drity amp within a patch. My A/B footswitch lights up when the dirty (or dirtier) of the two amps is engaged. It helps my brain to distinguish between what's going on since I'm accustomed to seeing an LED light up when I engage an overdrive pedal.
  11. I have run an extra long USB cable from my Mac to where my Helix sits in my office. Unfortunately, I have to unplug any other USB devices that I typically keep plugged in to get my Helix and the Helix app to work together. Might be worth grabbing a cheap USB cable up that would be the necessary length to allow you to keep the Helix on the floor.
  12. Sorry that happened. I'm always paranoid about this happening. I try to back up when I mess with presets.
  13. WhoWatt, Solo Cunch and Lead, and the Angl have been my favorites so far. I can cover the most ground with those. Although, I'm getting ready to work on some patches that are more specific to sone songs that my band plays. I plan on using several other amps such as Vox, Marshall, etc.
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