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    Good tip thanks. Kinda goes without saying, but maybe try that technique with other effects and see what happens.
  2. Yes check the lock setting. I made this mistake before, early in the learning process.
  3. I use preamps most of the time 'cause they sound fine when running the HD500 directly into the front of either my Spider Jam or DT50 Head & JCA12+ Cabinet. I always set the Spider Jam or DT50 to a clean setting with the Master Volume at about 12 O'clock this way I'm hearing the HD500 preamps along with the power section of the Spider Jam or DT50 or whatever Power Amp/Speaker combo I'm using. Lately when using the DT50 Head & JCA12+ Cabinet I set the HD500 to Stack Front, the PAD/Normal switch set to PAD, the 1/4" out switch set to AMP (I haven't used the "Line" setting), I keep the Master set full open. Usually the Volume knob is full open and I set the Drive to add dirt. When I use the Spider Jam I keep all the same settings of the HD500 and just switch from Stack Front to Combo Front. Seems to work for me. Also I usually always go with the No Cab setting. I'm trying different settings but for now this is my base settings until I try more. As for the Full Amp Models I always use them when I run directly into a PA or a Speaker System such as a Surround Sound Home Theater, a Flat screen TV Speaker System, or a small speaker like a JAMBOX or the like. These kinds of speaker systems don't have a Power Tube Section like a tube amp so the Full Amp Model emulates the power tube sound. Also, I always use Studio Direct into PA or direct recording.
  4. I don't play everyday, but when I do it's for about an hour or two. I rarely run it with the Master Volume past 12 O'clock as with the Channel Volume, for now. I'm gearing up to get Biasing tools so I can be able to check and/or set it when the time comes for power tubes to be replaced. Any comments or recommendations are always helpful. If the fuse blows what should I replace it with, (value)? I haven't taken it out to look it over. I hope I don't need to but ya never know, it pays to try to be prepared.
  5. I've been playing around with the HD500 running Stack Front into a DT50 Head. I haven't tried the Line 6 Link yet, but I can fun effects after the mixer this way and it really sounds good with the Amp set clean. I don't understand why you cant put a reverb after the amp model, it really needs to be there? Whoops, I found another thread you made here.
  6. I don't think I would have figured that anytime soon, lol. Thanks
  7. Good to know as I haven't tried it yet with HD500. I'm not sure how well it works but I'm going to give DT EDIT a try, just for a test run.
  8. Oh Yeah, Don't forget if you have the HD500 you can use that to send MIDI to the DT's also. I'm looking to learn about using an iPhone or iPod for MIDI just to have options and expand my knowledge, iPhones & iPods are lighter and easier to carry than computers. I believe your right about the reduced DSP load on the POD.
  9. Awesome, I'll keep my eyes peeled for what you find out, and again thanks for the "touchosc" tip. I'm all about simple too, at least I like to that, LOL.
  10. I had the HD500 sometime before I acquired the DT50 Head and I was blown away by the tone also. Love this thing. I'm on the road to learning about using MIDI to send commands to it in order to change amps and other functions that are with the 2.0 update. I haven't noticed this lack of feel and response, keep in mind I'm using the DT50 Head. I didn't notice anything bad after I updated the DT50 Head, only good.
  11. Maybe the people who made those tones deleted them. ADDED: I just did a search for a tone I just uploaded and the search engine didn't work. Just to back you up.
  12. Thanks TRZ, I emailed the DT Customizer people to ask if the app will work with my iPad (original) the one that won't update past Version 5.1.1 'cause their info says it needs Version 6.0 or higher. I was wondering if this were the case why wouldn't they say "iPad 2" instead of just "iPad". If it works with my iPad I'm on it. I understand about the update issue so I already accomplished that with the proper tool.
  13. Can the MIDI Mobilizer II be used to send Commands to the DT50 in order to take advantage of the new update? If so how does it work? I've been searching and found this: I might be needing an app. I ended up getting the DT Customizer for iPhone 4, 'cause it won't work on the original iPad witch only updates to 5.1.1. The DT Customizer customer service verified it won't work as well as "The Real Zap".
  14. I really like my Spider Jam and will likely never sell it. I've been using it regularly, for I think 5 years now.
  15. Maybe he's looking to use the "YouTube Record" option when using the web cam and mic in his computer, except he wants to use this new mic.
  16. Try using Combo Front Instead of Combo Power Amp. Try out the Patches in the last post. I was messing around with this patch today, maybe you want to try it too. Just a heads up this patch is a bit more complex than just a Screamer and Amp. Hope it helps. Here's an explanation of what I did with it:
  17. Cool, glad to hear your getting something good. Don't give up 'cause if you keep trying I'm sure you'll find tones worth playing. I just changed the way I'm building tones a little bit and am finding new and different variations of what I had been using before. Using the latest flash update 2.10 and set the Mode to Combo Front, Focus to 670hz, and Low & Highs to -50. Then I set the patch like Meambobo's Guide suggested. Setting up the patch in path A, muting path B and panning path A to center. Then I put Mod, Delay and Reverb after the mixer and have Input 1 source set to Guitar and Input 2 source set to Variax. The guitar in Z is set to Auto. Usually I use the Dynamics and Distortions before the amp in Path A. The PAD/Normal switch next to the pedal is set to PAD but sometimes I switch it depending on the guitar I use. Also the 1/4" Line/Amp switch next to the pedal is set to Amp. I use Amp Pre's often unless I use the Studio Direct into Headphones and/or use the XLR into the Spider Jam Mic section sometimes I use the Aux input on the Spider Jam. I've even tried using the Headphones out on the HD500 into the MP3/CD input on the Spider Jam witch sounded good also. I usually do not use a Cab model so that's set to "No Cab". Most of the time the amp volume is almost full open and tweak the drive turning the volume down if needed. The Master Volume is full open and I always set a volume pedal at the end of the chain. With the Spider Jam I normally go guitar in, set the Amp to a clean channel. The Drive knob to 12 O'clock, the Tone stack knobs to 12 O'clock, Channel Volume to 12 O'clock, No effects, and the Master to 12 O'clock. This is how I set up a basic distortion patch. Here's what it looks like. I can share tones with you but there's a good chance they won't sound the way I intended them to sound, you'll more than likely end up tweaking them. I was playing around with this one today check it out. Don't forget you may have to tweak it and don't be upset if you don't like it, we all have different tastes at different times and none of it is "Set in Stone". Here's a patch I made with the Amp you were trying to use. I did this with cheap headphones but in the modes I talked about earlier, Try this Tone. Pictures below show you the settings.
  18. Haven't taken any of my guitars to a Luthier and I make all the necessary adjustments myself. I just make sure that all of the notes ("all") are as close as possible using the HD500, X3Pro, and Spider Jam tuners. People around me say it sounds awesome and it sounds great to me. That's all I need to know.
  19. Did you check your Luthier's work with the Line 6 tuner? Did it match up?
  20. I haven't used the Vocoder myself yet, but I don't think you have to use a Variax for it to work. I think I remember seeing someone say the Vocoder mix must be set at 100% though. If I try it out I'll post what happened, I don't have a Variax.
  21. You're welcome Blubarb. I had this same question 5 years ago, lol.
  22. Was just wondering how your doing. A good read on this subject is here >> More good info found here >>>>
  23. I use the HD500 as a controller with an X3 Pro using the midi code line 6 provides in the manuals, worked good. Going to try the midi connection with a DT50 head soon, to see how that works. Is MIDI CC different from the Line 6 MIDI Codes? From what I'm gathering the Line 6 MIDI is exclusive to Line 6 equipment.
  24. It's always nice to have a spare Pod especially if your gigging with it, but in the same breath that port can be fixed.
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