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  1. Just wanted to weigh in again that I did try the PE 60's (in stereo) for a couple of weeks and was surprised at how good they sound. Given their extremely simple make-up, I really didn't expect much - but I agree that they really do sound decent. Probably will use them more goign forward, in those times when I want some kind of stage amp. Generally though, it's direct to the PA and IEM's - no stage volume. BTW, thanks to you guys above who responded to my original question/post. Bradley GT
  2. You cannot control the output volume of your iPad using the iPad Camera Kit and connecting it to your Helix via USB. Said another way, the output volume controls of the iPad are disabled when using the Camera Kit.
  3. No worries. I run a JTV-59 and run acoustic voicing on occasion - not that much tho. Thanks again.
  4. Appreciate the input. Apparently, I also have two PE60's!!!!! One more question: Do you ever run an acoustic through the PE60?
  5. Yesterday as I was loading out from church, I found an old pair of Tech21 Power Engine 60's (circa 2009). I had bought them for another guitarist's X3 Live rig several years ago. He played with us about a month and disappeared. After that, I didn't much about it. A few years passed and..... Out of sight / Out of Mind - until yesterday. Question: Has anyone tried Power Engine 60's with Helix? Results? I remember thinking they were pretty mid-focused, but overall not too bad. Thanks for any thoughts. Bradley GT
  6. I should have known! Glenn's work is first class. Thanks so much! Bradley
  7. Where did you acquire this patch? I sounds great. Bradley GT
  8. Agreed. Adding this capability would seem to be a software/firmware thing to my untrained way of thinking. What would be really cool is if the input level could be assigned to an expression pedal so that the level could be varied on the fly (ie on stage, rehearsal, in a house of worship setting, etc.). Maybe it's time to post this on Ideascale.... Seems like a logical-enough idea to merit a look-see by the Helix development folks.
  9. Hi Bill and Amsdejb - thanks so much for your thoughts. Very much appreciated. Unfortunately, in the case of Helix not having an internal method of increasing/decreasing the volume of the iPad input signal (when entering the Helix USB via the iPad with the camera kit) - combined with the iPad's also not being able to vary its output when using the camera kit... that definitely limits the situations where/when you can use the iPad for tracks via the Helix. I do understand that Helix is aiming to be more pro-level, hence the absence of the 3.5mm MP3 input as found on earlier Line 6 modeling platforms (X3, POD HD and HDX)...yet, I do think this is a bummer. I've used my Line 6 modelers for that purpose on stage numerous times, and also for silent practice with headphones, including backstage situations... Thanks again. Bradley GT
  10. HI Steve, Really appreciate your suggestion and I did download and try that - the volume is disabled when it's connected to the camera kit. But, it's a cool app. Again, thanks - but I'd still like to find another solution. Bradley GT
  11. Good morning, I would like to run my iPad through my Helix to be able to play along with tracks and rehearse. Via the helpful advice I received via another thread here in the L6 Helix Community (¿why/) I purchased the iPad camera kit to be able to connect it to the Helix via USB. It works perfectly, other than there does not appear to be a way to vary the iPad volume going through the Helix using this method: (1) The iPad volume control is disabled when using a USB interface and (2) there doesn't appear to be a way to vary the input volume on the Helix for an audio source being received into the Helix via the USB input (so as to control in the volume of the iPad audio signal via the Helix input). Question: Am I missing something - or is it true that there is no way to vary the iPad input volume with an input level control on Helix? Any insight here would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Bradley GT
  12. Got the camera kit and it works great - other than, unless I'm missing something, there's no way change the input level of the iPad when it's connect to the Helix via camera kit and USB cord. Am I missing something - ie, is there a way to change the input level on the Helix (the iPad level can't be changed when using the camera kit - apparently....) so as to properly mix the input from the iPad with the guitar levels? Thanks for any input/help here. Much appreciated. Bradley
  13. Charlie's correct. JTV 59 and JTV 59US come strung with .10-.46 strings. Brad
  14. Thanks. Just ordered it. Much appreciated. BGT
  15. Maybe a dumb question but I'm having a heck-of-a-time finding a suitable USB cable to connect my iPad 3 (uses old-style 30 pin connector) to the full size USB input on the back of my Helix. Anyone have a link to an iOS cable (Amazon, etc.) that works with Helix? Would like to have about a 6 footer. Thanks in advance. Bradley GT
  16. I own both the JTV-59 (Koren) and JTV59 US and have played both extensively on the road and in the studio. The K is a great guitar, but the USA custom shop version is just at another level. The Variax electronics are identical in both guitars, and at a quick glance they look pretty much the same. However, they not the same. I was an early adopter on the JTV guitars and have been very happy with both (I waited nearly a year to receive my US after ordering it and it was worth the wait). If I had to sell every guitar I own and keep just one to make a living with, it would be the JTV59US. It is just that great a guitar. Assuming money isn't a problem in your purchase, I would bet that you will be blown away with your new USA JTV. I have been. Congrats!!!
  17. Tried to vote, but got stopped at "your vote has not been assigned to a moderator..." Will try again in a little bit. I'll just say it here. The Helix concept is appealing. We're definitely looking forward to checking it out. But one of the reasons that we put so many miles on our Line 6 rigs (we have two sets of the Dream Rig - DT25's, JTV-59 and JTV-59US, 2 HD500s) is the great flexibility we get going from venue to venue. The Helix looks like a great processor, probably at the same level Fractal's gear is. But the reason we got rid of our Fractal gear and stuck with Line 6 is the way that everything works in synchronicity (from amp/guitar/floor processor). Hopefully, the folks at Line 6 will remember that having all of this work together was one of the big points that brought a lot of pro players here in the first place. We have lots of amps, but time and time again, the DT25's are what we take on the road. Thanks ya'll! GT
  18. There are significant differences in the 2 guitars, but the K model is great. Where we hear the most difference is in the non-modeled mode (ie just using the onboard p'ups). The US model is just a sweet guitar in every way. It played like butter from the moment we uncrated it. That being said, the K model represents an awesome value for what it does. We have one of the earliest ones to roll out of the Korean facility that L6 uses to build the K models (World Musical Instruments). We have had a few tech issues with it, mainly the switches. Here's a great example of how to compare the US and the K models. Think Les Pauls. Think Epiphone vs. Gibson USA. The Epi represent a great value, has great build quality, etc. But, the USA Pauls are just a rung above the Asians ones. If money is an object, you will be most happy with the K, but if it's not an object in your case, the USA model will make you happiest. Hope this helps. BTW, we are glad we have both. Depending on the situation and where we're playing, we decide which JTV59 will make that trip - often both do. Take care, Bradley GT
  19. I think that theoretically you will have less difference from a Stage Source speaker than from a DT amp because the Stage Source speaker will attempt to replicate the ENTIRE preset (including the amp model) as opposed to replicating the preamp portion and relying instead on the Bogner tube section to do the amp voicing. The same would be possible sending your direct outs to any FRFR type of powered speaker. Yet, if you stay with it, you may find that the DT's give you an organic (ie natural tube) tone that's not possible with any solid state speaker - including Stage Source. That's what happening to us. BTW, we are attempting to settle pretty-much this exact situation and have a thread on the Dream Rig forum you might want to also checkc out. You'll find it here: You might want to try running your presets in low volume mode and see if that sounds more like what you're hoping for. Then, you can rewrite the presets using the PRE models to allow the Bogner to do what it does. Hope this helps. Bradley
  20. You can have some fun combining the 11R and the HD500 - 4CM and also in other ways. We actually put the 11R in the effects loop of the HD Pro for one session when we needed additional delay effects. Never could get the tempo's to sync (didn't have enough time to attempt to set up a midi relationship between them), but it worked otherwise. We sold the 11R a couple of weeks later (and also sold an Axe FXII) and bought the floor POD (HD500) for live stuff and well full-in Line 6 after that. Then we added the M9 and we had all the DSP we could ever need - combining those two. We're planning on a session on Wednesday night with the DT-25's and we're hoping we can make them work correctly by then. We'll post whatever happens. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Fingers crossed. Bradley
  21. Sure. I'd definitely be happy to share some of our multi-amp/2 channel patches with you. Just know that our patches are fairly simple as we (often) run an M9 in the effects loop to wire-around hitting the DSP wall. That works exceptionally well when using only the POD HD's and the XLR direct-outs going to the FOH console. As mentioned in my initial post of this thread, we were previously using Tech 21 PE60's for stage volume and the idea of the DT's was to give us stage volume that was more organic than the PE60's could produce... Hopefully it works out. If not, the plan is to return the DT's and stay with the PE60's as the ramp-up curve on the DT's has been more than any of us had planned on. We've used Fractal FX II and Avid's Eleven Rack stuff, prior to going with Line 6 and didn't have to work quite so hard to get the results we were aiming for... Yet, we were able to fund two rigs for the price of one Fractal rig, so it will be worth it - assuming we figure all this stuff out. We don't regret going with the PD HD's over the Fractal and Avid gear, but maybe adding the DT's and hoping them to seamlessly and easily deploy was setting our hopes too high - as the PE60's were actually still working fine. We just wanted "better." Thanks for the help here Colonel! Same to you up there RealZap! We'll keep at it for another week or two and see how it goes. Bradley
  22. Colonel Forbin, Sure do appreciate you passing that along, I do believe that the excerpt you shared is from the HD300 and HD400 portion of the L6 Link Connectivity Guide. Our PODS are the HD500 and also HD Pro, which allow for up-to four DT amps, where the 300/400 are limited to two DT amps. I actually wish that the HD500 and HD Pro worked like the 300/400 series in cases of connecting two DT amps, ie that when you plug in a second amp everything going down the L channel output of the POD goes to Amp A and and the R channel goes to Amp B - then when a third or fourth amp is added the individual controls would function. But, in the case of the HD 500 or HD Pro, nothing is automatic in terms of plug-and-play in adding the second DT amp - at least that the way it appears to us... Bradley
  23. We did do the firmware update last night from 1.0 to 2.0 via MIDI and it took care of the sync'ing problems. So, sure do appreciate the heads-up on that. Now, we are having a volume level issue - where Amp B is about 50% less volume than Amp A, even when the patches are setup to send the identical volume to both amps (ie no L/R panning and no dual-amp setup). Any thoughts on that would be appreciated. Bradley
  24. Understood. We did also read the DT25 MIDI Implementation Guide and saw the amp could use MIDI to restore the factory default settings, but we missed the part about using MIDI rather than L6 Link to update the flash memory. So, we didn't even attempt to connect it via MIDI. We'll connect it via MIDI and attempt the update and see if that helps smooth things out.
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