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  1. It didn't work.. ha ha... I tried all scenarios... EV-2 with TS and tried TRS, as well as reversed polarity (100-0-100) and normal polarity (0-100-0)... I'm getting a Dunlop DVP5 instead, since it's 8-inches, the Dunlop DVP4 is like 6-inches (closer to the EV-2) but I want longer 8-inches that will sit on my Pedalboard and feel nicer under my foot, AND (work with my Kemper TRS, then switch polarity in HX Stomp Global, AND switch the internal button within the Dunlop pedals themselves to end up with calibrated 0-100 when I want it to work for my HX stomp or my Helix floor)... Rock-on! My EV-2's will stay with my backup Kemper, since they work well for that purpose.
  2. So does the EV-2 work with the Helix when you go into Global settings, Pedals, and REVERSE the polarity for that specific EXP2 or whatever? Has anybody tried this? Also, I assume that you have to use a TS no avoid issues and NOT a TRS cable with the Helix (use TRS with Fractal or Kemper).
  3. Guitarwildman

    Path A/B

    I'll figure it out as I learn more... ONE input being the acoustic guitar will be the same that I have my HD500X, ALSO I can have the switches turn on and off amps/preamps as well as IR's... I just need to better understand the paths, routing, in order to make this work. I can have the looper in one block/spot probably. Any suggestions are welcome also, I can use my external looper instead of the internal looper if need be..
  4. Guitarwildman

    Path A/B

    I think this user has great questions... As a matter of fact, I'm trying to create (3) paths in one preset and I don't understand how to do it. I essentially want to use a patch for looping, where tone #1 is using my acoustic guitar with a preamp, custom IR that I want to use, reverb, etc. tone #2 is an octave lower using the same acoustic guitar BUT with a bass amp, with different effects, tone#3 is using my electric guitar with a different amp, different effects, and ALL are using the same physical input into the Helix. This patch is for my looping, where I start out with my acoustic, then click footswitch and simulate some bass, then last is the lead type of tone. Recommendations for putting this together are appreciated. It's probably VERY easy for a Line 6 expert and/or a beta tester that has had the unit for almost a year. I am enjoying the Helix, and I'm learning the Helix, and I have the cheat sheet, printed out manual, as well as videos.. however, it's not clear to me how to accomplish my goals with this preset. Previous user has great questions..
  5. Please repost the Variax setlist.. !!! That link doesn't work above anymore.. I'm in a bad way - I bought the bundle model pack.. I updated firmware to 2.6... THEN I updated firmware to 2.62 blasted my tones.. AND All I need is the Variax set list (I rebuilt everything else from backup).. I REALLY don't want to flash again?... (I have (2) HD500X's and it's a hassle)... That link doesn't work above anymore.. Thanks, John ALLRIGHT - It was my browser.. ha.. IE didn't work and Firefox did.. derr...
  6. Thanks for the reply... it works "better" manually. I never edit manually while the USB is plugged in. When I edit manuallly the assignments work sayyyy... 70% of the time? Then, on the remaining 30%, I have to fiddle with it manually de-assigning exp2 from channel vol in amp (since it's being controlled by exp1 even though it's assigned to EXp2? Then I have to de-assign the wah exp1 to none, then make the wah none, then create a volume pedal and HOPE that it takes to exp2, then if it doesn't I have to cry. So, the final 20% are sucking up 80%+ of my time. Thanks a lot for replying.. oh.. and the way I'm doing it is to hold down the enter key, the de-assign, etc. Next step is to save, etc, then I go through tapping the move, etc. No worko... it be broke. Thanks for listening brother... PS - Any workaround process is VERY welcome.. Line 6 doesn't need to fix it, I just need to have a bullet proof process to work-around it?.. Also, if one of the expression pedals is assigned to some other parameter, it is NOT always easy to figure out what/where? I'm pretty good at either manually holding down the enter key, then looking at all of the effects, or if I'm in the edit software just looking to see which knobs move when you move a pedal, or poking around, etc. BUT.. I don't see a foolproof way to REALLY figure out WTF? Any and all ideas for a workaround, workflow are very welcome!
  7. Yes.. I should've editing the spelling before posting my above post - grin. I basically cannot assign all of my patches to have the external pedal my volume, and the pedal on the board to (mostly) wah or a different parameter (overdrive on distortion or whatever). YES - You are "supposed": to be able to do this in the tone edit, and if it doesn't work well, simply edit it manually. BUT - There are some bugs here - Yes, I know how to do it, BUT, there are some bugs in the controller EXP1, and EXP2 tables. Please prove me wrong and yes.. I have the latest firmware and software. Ahhh.. it would save me so much time to have this method solved. Thanks for listening! I can send you a patch if you like? Support was having the same issues when I called... even doing it manually. Maybe a guru has the key? I would be very grateful!
  8. My request for an update would be what I call a bug/fix. I edit manually as well as using the edit software (never both at the same time - grin). I also use two pedals, the one on the unit itself, and the 2nd one out the back. My major point of pain with LOTS of time consumption is editing the controllers. YES - You can edit which controller EXP 1 or EXP2 will be your volume, or Wah, etc. BUT.. the design and implementation is flawed. I have to arm wrestle, reset controllers, get rid of EXP2 on the amp gain, remove the wah in the chain, then add a volume pedal, and basically screw around with patches frequently to arm wrestle the controllers to do VERY simple things. My main desire is the have the volume worked by the exp pedal that comes out of the back of the amp, and have the way used vie toe switch via the pedal on the unit itself. HOWEVER, there is no ACCURATE table that keeps which the data correctly regarding which expression pedal is linked to which variable. I'm telling you that I can get about 60% of my patches working the correct pedal for volume and wah with the tone edit. Then, when I find a downloaded patch that I can't get tone edit do it, I unplug the USB and go manual, get rid of all of the associations with the EXP 1 and EXP2, then manually assign them, and the it DOESN"T work. I have to then spend time doing my frisking shimmy again (de-assign exp2 from amp/gain volume, the de-assing wah pedal exp, then get rid of the wah, then assign a volume pedal to exp2 BUTTTTT it's freaking operated by EXP1 NOT EXP2, then I have to fiddle with the damn thing and arm-wrestle to (sometimes) figure it out.. Yes.. I'm a long time line 6 customer, Flextone III, XT, HD500X (eyeballing the Variax), but damn man... in the name of god, help me with a table that ACCURATELY shows which controller is assigned to which parameter, and ACCURATELY enables you to RE-ASSIGN it! OK - I feel a little bit better for venting - But.. if you help me out with this.. I may quit looking at Kemper/AXe FX, and I may even buy a Variax and another HD500X!!!
  9. So... maybe you can point me to the same type of deal for a JTV Variax 89F?...
  10. I tell ya.. I've been a Line6 fan for many, many, years.. HD500X, XT Live, Flextone II... BUT I agree.. I'm not feeling the love here man.. Meaning, I would gladly buy a JTV Variax to plug into my HD500X "IF" I thought they were actually going to continue to invest in these products. My read on it is that they haven't done diddly squat in terms of development/new features for the HD500X, and are making a long time fan (me) more nervous than other vendors make me about investing in more of their gear. It's fine to disagree with me.. no worries. It's simply the way they make me feel by basically not doing much with the software for years. I mean.. the architecture seems fine, processors, etc. why not keep investing in the firmware? Edit software? Yeah - ha ha.. I'll probably buy a JTV Variax within the next few months (I am a hypocrite but.. I'm telling the truth..).
  11. I have all three pedals (HD500X Whammy, and POG)... I'm thinking about getting rid of my Whammy... It's easy to get polyphonic on the HD500X you simply use (2) or more Smart Harmony Effects.. in parallel. It's VERY easy... I don't know how to get the dive bomb effect though.. BUT.. I really don't want/need too many pedals. I also have the POG, but the ONLY reason I use the POG is for my looping, I use it for bass lines - it works great. Thanks, John
  12. I've had a HD500X for about a year or so and I still haven't figured out the best way to control the volume with my foot? It's VERY touchy/sensitive... When I use my foot to control it, it is very sensitive (seems to pan/sweep to fast). When I get the volume where I want it, I like to remove my foot from the pedal.. AND when I attempt to move it away from the pedal VERY carefully, it still will move ever so slightly.. which is precisely enough movement to make it either WAYYY too loud, and/or WAYYY too soft... Currently I have EXP1 handling the volume (it's the pedal that is actually embedded into the unit). I also usually have the volume assigned to an amp volume to save my having to use an additional effect in the chain. BUT... I'm re-thinking this strategy.. I think that I need to use an external pedal and I already have the plastic Line 6 one laying around here anyway. BUT>>> I think I need some more info from you guys... I guess I should do this anyway since, I need a better way to handle volume while I'm using a Wah.. BUT... What is the best way to setup EXP2 for volume? Should I still have it operate the amp volume? If this is a good strategy.. in order to get the volume pedal usable.. do I need to change it from 0-100% to 50-100%? If so... what if I wan to lower the volume? Do I need to assign TWO freakin volume pedals?... ha.. one for 0-50% and two for 50-100%? Can we change how it sweeps? What are the best ways that you are handling your volume - The band would like me to get this under control - grin. I also don't feel like messing with my guitar volume pot to adjust this.. since it effects the tone when I do that.. Thanks!
  13. Maybe change input source B to guitar?... Just a guess.
  14. If it's truly a ground loop hum... First, I would use an Ebtech hum eliminator (cheap) or the HD500 for the 1/4" cables (see if it get's rid of the hum). If it doesn't, then my next step would be to start checking the other stuff plugged into your wall receptacles and try using an Ebtech Hum-X (it could be another beast is messing up the HD500 ground path). Oh actually, step one is to get a cheap receptacle tester form the hardware store to test all of the receptacles. I had ground loop hums for years, now I don't... oh yeah.. as a LAST ditch effort (only if you're playing a gig that has crappy receptacles) you can you can use 3 prong to 2 prong for other gear - It get's rid of the hum for the evening gig, however, you lose your ground derr... Oh yeah... it could be that you need to use a noise gate on some of your patches, they are sort of a necessary evil sometimes... reduce hum.. but lose some tone gusto?... If you run out of room on your patch because you have a volume pedal in it, I usually delete the volume pedal effect, and make the EXP-2 controller have the amp channel volume controlled by EXP-2 to free up enough room for a noise gate.
  15. In my opinion it's a no-brainer that Line 6 needs to immediately update customtone to have a section for HD500X! Right? I mean just bought a new HD500X and can't believe that we can't share our tones in a reasonable efficient way? What the heck? I've been a Flextone II, Flextone III, XT LIve, and now I'm a HD500X customer, EXPECTING custometone to have a HD500X section - NOPE - Wow! There are people selling their custom HD500X tones on YouTube... but we can't even trade with each other on customtone in an organized way, unless we download/examine the file extension - weird, please update as soon as you can. Long-time User here... expects it.
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