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  1. I'm sure we will --- if we're ever aloud to have it :-(
  2. can anyone confirm whether these will support the 64bit only Native? They look to be 32 bit when you download them.
  3. And be sure to save on the snapshot you want the patch to start on.
  4. I think where you're going wrong is that you are not pressing the knobs to select different guitars for the snapshots. If there are no brackets you are selecting for the whole preset. With brackets (by pressing the knob) you are selecting for the individual snapshot
  5. As regards naming snapshots press the preset knob and bottom right of screen has 'select snapshot' and 'rename snapshot '
  6. In the same place as you select per preset you then get 'preset variax model' this is what sets your variax for the preset. If you press the corresponding encoder knob brackets come either side of your selection - you can then select different ones for different snapshots within that preset. I'm doing it right now- spank 5 into hiwatt switching to lester 1 into plexi within the same preset with the snapshots.
  7. I honestly believe the only way they can protect against people returning the hardware once they've registered and bought native at discount is for the discount to only be redeemable after a minimum time period (for example 30 days) has elapsed from the point of sale/registration. They've been very quiet about any detail regarding how this will work other than to say what the discounts are. I'm actually concerned they'll initially come out and say only USA customers even qualify for the $99 price- which would be EXTREMELY disappointing.
  8. Interesting how he tries to demonstrate making a strat sound like an lp by playing a PRS 513. Unfortunately no semis or hollow bodies included in his.
  9. So the current variax modelling has been around now for a significant enough time that it is surely due an update. The Revstar range of yamaha guitars look fantastic- what are the chances of a Revstar chassis for the next variax with improved hx quality modelling? And soon please
  10. What would be considered good latency that the average human wouldn't notice?
  11. That's quite helpful for other lazy folk like me, thank you.
  12. It's latency I'm most worried about ruining the feel of playing compared to the HElix hardware. Reaper currently say 4.8ms latency but that's without a modeller running so I don't know how that will feel. I've only ever recorded with hardware modelling or a real mic in front of a real amp so I have no idea how well this plug-in way works in comparison.
  13. In the Preamp block Divided13 is completely silent for me no sound. 2.21
  14. Any news on when said launch will be? Spring ends tomorrow and I realise we've already been told not to expect it then but how close are we?
  15. Hi Peter how's progress on this? I remember seeing something about buying your album and receiving the patches free- can you point me in the right direction? Always happy to try reasonably priced patch packs.
  16. twpmeister


    I tried my variax on vdi first time today and was surprised to find the tuner works exactly as I would want it to. Somehow with all my guitars into guitar in I don't have that experience and it jumps all over the place. Unsure why the difference.
  17. Shame we have to wait longer than 2 days to find out. Oh well I'm enjoying the helix I've got, just don't like having to keep moving it from home to work and back etc.
  18. Obviously I'm not talking about the many fine members of this forum who already own the helix. This applies to people who don't have it but would happily go through that kind of process to get the fantastic helix tones for only $99 regardless how dishonest it would be.
  19. The sad truth of the matter is without a system in place to protect against such abuse it is certain to happen. They've said they won't require Internet access once the software is installed and active except for during the 15 day trial so who knows what they could do to restrict access after someone sells or returns their hardware.
  20. They also haven't made it clear if this pricing model will work globally or for US customers only.
  21. That's his point, the software is $99 to helix owners only, helix lt owners have to stump $299 and non owners $399. So the question is what prevents a non owner buying a helix then paying $99 for native before simply returning the hardware? Worth it to save $300 don't you think? So I guess there must be some system planned to prevent such abuse. A possible solution is they might require you to have registered your purchase for a minimum time that exceeds retailers return window. Line 6 have yet to clarify how any of this works they've so far only stated the prices.
  22. I want the sound of the hollowbody or semi hollow, the pickups are humbucker either way. I'm trying to recreate the sound of the guitar not the pickup.
  23. Thanks for sharing that. Interesting that others have similar ideas. I'm thinking it shouldn't be that hard to somehow take a humbucker in a solid body and make it sound like a humbucker in a hollowbody, using an ir of the hollowbody resonance in very much the same way as how acoustic ir's are made already.
  24. Try disconnecting the usb lead if you have it plugged in. I had that problem and it was a ground issue. If that's it the ground can be lifted on the usb by tape over the leftmost pin of the lead.
  25. BTW it's all one take, with just the guitar - no overdubs or multitracking, just a quick and dirty recording into audacity this morning to demonstrate my patch, hence the slips. The overlapping parts are created with a 1000ms delay and the particle verb creates the pad behind the guitar.
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