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  1. Love to hear how this works out. I played a room this week that had crazy electrical issues so I'm a cutely aware of the potential risk for ruining the entire band mix with hum & hiss, so I would love a fail safe solution. As for my live setup, at first I tried to keep my guitar amp on stage while going stereo XLR out to FOH, but it was a disaster. Now I'm XLR to FOH with a powered wedge in front of me for guitar and vocal monitor.
  2. M5: Press and hold the TAP button and tap the Model Select knob to enter the setup menu. Tap the model select knob until you see the MIDI, Tempo and Gate functions. Turn the model select knob until the corresponding display shows RST FACT. Hold the On/Off switch and tap the model select knob twice to reset the M5. M9: Press FX Unit 1B and 2B switches at the same time to enter the setup menu. Press the Model Select knob until the display reads MIDI Gate Display across the top. Turn the Model Select knob until the corresponding display shows RST FACT. Press and hold the TAP button just before (split second) pressing the Model Select knob. Its like pressing them down at the same time, but making sure the TAP button is pressed first. Do that once again to reset the M9. M13: Press and hold Looper Controls to enter the setup menu. In FX UNIT 4, turn the Model Select knob until the corresponding display shows RST FACT. Press down on the Model Select knob twice to complete the reset.
  3. The only possible way I can think of doing this would be to use a stereo effect, (like delay or chorus), and pan the effect to far left or far right. For mono effects, both amps will receive the same processed signal. What is the goal?
  4. Nothing unusual about this. The Flextone III has two 75 watt amps, but only one of them is connected to it's built in speaker. When you add the extension cab you're enabling the second amp and doubling its output. It's freaking loud! Check out the ping pong delay to start with. It's pretty cool. I have an M13 effects unit that offers a ton of stereo effects, (Chorus, panner, delays etc.), and you have the patience to connect your effects using the stereo effects loop, using the 4 cable method, you can get some absolutely mind blowing sounds out of this rig. If you have an FBV foot controller your options for witching tones and effects are limitless. It's a great rig. * actually, just read your post again and sounds like you're not new to this rig and that your issues aren't just an overall increase in volume. I would backup all of your settings via midi, do a factory rest and then as you suggested, try reloading the tones to see if that resolves the issue.
  5. To clarify, putting dirt pedals between m13 FX send and amp input is correct. I tortured myself a few times trying to remember the cable set up for gigs. Labeled cables is the only way to fly. :)
  6. That's correct. Compression will be before distortion in the chain, but both are before the amp input which is key. I assume that you've told the M13 which effect channels are pre & post?
  7. That's normal for the M13. It only stores your changes when you assign them to a bank on the board. If you want to compare effects side by side you'll have to save each effect on its own and A/B them that way.
  8. Never owned the POD X3, but the M3 does go an octave up and it tracks flawlessly.
  9. You're very welcome for the response Rick and I hope that someone reading this thread in future will benefit from our pain and suffering. LOL. I'm not sure what you did to fix it though. You flipped the wall wart of the M13? I didn't even know it had a wall wart that could be flipped. LOL What was the solution that worked for you?
  10. Have you tried using compression for a clean boost?
  11. I had the exact same problem until last week (4cable method into FX loop making a lot of noise) and it turned out to be a cable that was causing my problem. I went and dropped $250 on a new vocal harmonizer, thinking that was the problem before I found the real culprit. Now my M13 is quiet as a mouse in the loop. I know you said you checked the cables, but how thorough were you? I would strongly recommend looking really closely at that again. Also, is the M13 the only pedal between you and the amp or do you have others in the chain? Isolating the M13 with clean cables would be my second suggestion. What amp are you using? Does it have a ground lift switch?
  12. The Flex delivers incredible stereo effects, but your multi-effects unit has to have stereo FX sends and returns in order for this to work. I think your G5 only has a left and right output. I use a Line6 M13 multi-effects processor that has L/R outputs as well as L/R inputs & outputs for it's FX send and return. Set that up with the FIVE cable method and you are in for some of the richest sounding effects you will ever hear. Feel free to buzz me if you need help figuring out the connections.
  13. I just picked up a Fender Hotrod amp and have my M13 hooked up using the 4 cable method. The Fender manual tells me to use TRS cables between my effects and the amp's FX loop. I know the advantages of balanced connections, but does the M13's FX send and return support a balanced connection or would I be throwing good money away on cables that won't perform any better than regular instrument cables? (I do have a bit of noise with the 4 cable method set up, but I'm pretty sure it's a ground loop issue).
  14. If it won't connect to your PC then I don't think there's much more you can do by yourself. You could maybe try the Line 6 factory reset instructions, (easy to find on a google search), but I don't think you'll get very far with that as it needs the LED interface to navigate to the reset screen. If you can't get a midi connection with the Line6 interface then your best bet would be to look for an amp repair technician in your area and see what they say.
  15. First thing I'd do is hook it up to computer via midi and see if the Line6 interface on your PC can talk to it. If you're lucky and it connects to your PC, I would back up your settings then re-install the latest firmware. Good luck brother!
  16. A few years ago I connected an extension cab to my Flextone III and dialed in the ping pong delay. I was hooked instantly and I mean seriously hooked. I might have given up on this amp a long time ago if it weren't for that amazing stereo delay. The challenge with this amp was always about how to transition from a clean tone to crunch or distortion without it sounding fake. Whenever I switched channels the reverb or delay would just cut out abruptly and then the new channel would have entirely different tone, which was just weird. I wasn't ready to walk away from that stereo delay though, so I kept trying different stuff until I finally worked it all out. I no longer use the FBV controller at all and I just use one channel, the Line 6 Clean channel. I use the Flextone's built in reverb and noise gate along with a very slight slap delay and this is my clean tone. I connect a Line 6 M13 effects unit to the amp's stereo effects loop using the multiple cable method. (I made a cable snake and marked all cables so set up takes 20 seconds max). I have a 2 channel overdrive pedal that sits between the M13 effects send and the Flextone input. The result is an endless selection of absolutely incredible stereo effects along with great clean, crunch and lead settings that sound like they're coming from one great amp. I'll repost with a properly recorded YouTube demo soon as I get a chance. Now the Flextone is discontinued and Line 6 seem to want to distance themselves from this product, but for anyone looking to build a great sounding STEREO rig, I don't think there's an amp on the market that comes close to this.
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