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  1. ...I just wanted to say that I really like the Matchless speaker cabs. They are a perfect match for medium gain sounds and the H30 fits the Litigator amp model like a glove. Thanks Line 6!
  2. Thanks for your reply. With monitor mode, I don't mean the setting on the back. I know you can change that, but from what I've read so far, that's only an EQ correction. Normally when you connect two L2's via L6 Link, one will read R and one will read L in the display on the back. But when you place the L2's on their sides, the display reads B (for both) meaning it will output both the left and right channel. So my question is if that can be overridden.
  3. Hi, When the speakers are placed in standing position I use the folowing setup: Helix > Aux in (rear combo connector) on both L2's Monitor feed from FOH mixer > Mixer in on L2T (set to linked stereo) L2's connected via L6 Link Using the same setup when they are placed sideways, the monitor feed is mono, because the speakers are going into monitor mode. Is there any way to get it stereo without using an external mixer (which would kind of defeat the purpose of the L2T's built in mixer). Thanks!
  4. I occasionally have the same issue, but only if I use Helix with the editor. When I close the editor and reload a patch or reboot (never tried using the mode switch), it seems to be gone.
  5. Jos_K

    helix octoverb lacking

    I usually compensate volume drop off with the level parameter of each effect block. You could also assign that to the sweep of the expression pedal (ie. 0db at heel position and +3db at toe position).
  6. The HiWatt, DC-30, Bassman and Shiva mostly. Combined with lots of effects. And a jcm800/jcm800 mod combo for those wide sounding, eighties rock guilty pleasures.
  7. Jos_K

    U2 mysterious ways

    Thanks! Much appreciated. I hope you enjoy it. Creating these kind of patches with Helix is so much fun. You can get so close to legendary sounds, created with huge rigs, using just one (state of the art) device instead.
  8. Jos_K

    U2 mysterious ways

    I just uploaded this one: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2778973/ Check the comments, because the mystery filter is not the easiest to get right. Please let me know if it works for you!
  9. Hmm, problem solved. Don't know how. But right now it works like it should. Maybe some issue in communicating with the editor. Anyway, time to enjoy Helix some more!
  10. Hi guys, I searched for info on this, but I couldn't find it. When I engage the wah using the toe switch everything works as expected, but when I turn it off, the wah is bypassed, but the block stays lit in the display. In the editor it works like it should. I tried it with various patches and also with a different effect block. Same deal. Is this a known issue?
  11. It sounds very nice! And yes, easy to find your Mayer/Ford/Carlton tone here! Very, very excited about this one!
  12. Being able to assign parameters to internal LFO's and to configure those LFO's in detail (like depth, waveform, speed etc).
  13. Hi, Can anybody enlighten me on what the Duty Cycle parameter does? Also, if I wanted to use the same effect twice on separate paths, but I want them to be in sync, a Tremolo for instance. How can I do it? Because right now, if you insert the same effect, with the same parameter settings (e.g. via copy/paste block), they're not synced. Thanks, Jos
  14. I'm keeping my Nobels ODR-S. It's an overdrive character that I haven't found in Helix yet and that I'm very fond of. Also, I keep a little jam rig based around my Koch Studiotone, that I just can't part with, along with an M9, Truetone Route 66, the Nobels and a Visual Sound Liquid Chorus.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm trying to build an all-round lead patch using an slo100 (mainly for satriani type stuff, because that's what they say he used on Summer Song and I just love that sound). I've tried many options, but I feel I'm going round in circles. Any suggestions that work for you? Cheers!
  16. Hi everyone, I'm new here, but by no means new to Line 6 stuff. Anyway, after several days creating my basic sounds, first rehearsal yesterday. And Helix blew me (and my band mates) away! We're doing a lot of electronic music and Helix allows for such quick patch editing, and cool effect chains that were impossible with my former tube amp/pedals/M13 combo. Anyway, just trying to say I'm a very happy new user!
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