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  1. Maybe it's not a matter of good and better, but getting you to sound and feel in your head. The Helix (stock) cabs get me where I want to be. Does that make my sound worse, 'not being able to hold a candle' to a sound with IR's? Not at all. I have some IR's, but after a while I noticed the patches I created with them, evolved into sounding almost exactly as the ones with stock cabs. It starts with a big wow. But after a while you tweak a little, maybe add some EQ and a month later you go back to the original patch with the stock cab, noticing it sounds almost identical to the patch with the IR. I've had this with cabs, but with amp models too. Going in circles.
  2. I'm having similar issues with an Ernie Ball VP Jr hooked up as an expression pedal. Hoping to see some calibration improvement someday.
  3. Jos_K

    HX Edit

    I had to uninstall the old editor after installing the new one. It's also step 5 of the instructions.
  4. I also like the controller assign screen where you can see all the assignments in one glance. Sometimes, after heavy editing I forget to erase certain assignments, causing unwanted behavior in the patch. In this view you can identify potential problems real quick. Saved me some headaches already!
  5. You've got good ears! 'Cause you're right. It is stereo. I did a test, flipping the phase of one side etc. I set the mix to 100% and let it self-oscillate. I could clearly hear a little audio, very faint, but still... It's not present when I sum the signal to mono by placing a mono gain block after the Cosmos Echo. But since the stereo effect is so barely audible, I can't help but think something's not right. And then there's the spread parameter that also in a phase cancellation test doesn't do anything audible.
  6. I checked it. The stereo paths are retained so it processes stereo signals fed into the effect in stereo. But the effect itself is mono. Still no idea what the spread parameter is supposed to do (or the splice paramater, by the way). Anyone?
  7. Most stereo delays have a scale parameter to alter the delay time for one of the sides (left or right). A spread parameter usually widens the modulation part of an effect (eg. Delay with Mod).
  8. Not sure what you mean
  9. Thanks for asking, but no. I really made sure there's no such thing going on.
  10. Sorry, I meant Cosmos Echo. But if stereo means preserving left and right paths, why does the stereo version have a spread parameter?
  11. Hi, I tried to run the echo platter in stereo (yes, from the stereo menu) But it sounds mono to me. Could someone please check it? Thanks, Jos
  12. First of all, a big thank you to Line 6 for the update. Great stuff! I have two small suggestions for HX Edit: First the sliders. They are a bit on the small side. The big ones were much easier to 'catch' with my mouse. Couldn't the new ones be made a little bigger (higher)? Second I would like to be able to include/exclude setlists in the backup process. Restoring the backup also erases the new 2.3 factory setlists. And though many folks don't like them, I've found a lot of interesting starting points in the factory presets.
  13. Funny to stumble upon this topic as I just gave up trying to get a good cleanish sound out of the Mandarin and the Mandarin cab. But in stead of sounding big and ballsy with a nice ring, it sounds dull and lifeless and it lacks the chunk when you stike a chord hard. Not at all how I remember the Orange sound (I'm quite familiar with an AD-30). Anyone having more luck with this model? Should I try different cabs? I usually experiment a lot, but it's weird I can't get the 'right' sound with just the Mandarin amp/cab combo.
  14. Had the same problem with l2t. I used hot glue to prevent the connectors from coming loose. Make sure the blob of glue is not too thick or the circuit board won't return to it's position. There is not much space between the connector and the hole where the wires go to the speakers. Without the tweeter, my Helix sounded so bad, I began to doubt the unit. Right now everything is back to awesome.
  15. Jos_K

    Tube amps Gone?

    Last week I fired up my Koch Studiotone and pedals. It really felt like coming home, BUT when I use Helix, I don't feel I'm missing anything. It's just cool to have both rigs side by side. Last month I spent a couple of weeks reprogramming my patches. It drove me crazy, going in circles, trying to get the sound I hear in my head. Using my trusty old amp and pedals as reference was very valuable. Right now my patches are better than ever.
  16. I also did a firmware reinstall to be sure...
  17. For the last days my VP Jr was constantly connected to my Helix, but it makes no difference. And I just powered the Helix with the EX-1. Also no difference.
  18. Hi all, Recently, I purchased an Ernie Bal VP JR 250k and posted how Helix doesn't use the full throw. I even lowered the restance of the pedal (by soldering a resistor in parallel to the pot) but the performance remains the same. Then I checked my Line 6 EX-1 and I noticed Helix is also not using the full throw. The only difference is that with the VP Jr the last 20% is unused, whereas with the EX-1 the first 20% is not used. I'm just curious: is this something that only happens with my Helix or is it something else, like an auto calibration issue?
  19. Hi everyone, I recently purchased an Ernie Bal VP JR 250k pedal to be used as expression pedal. It's connected to Helix EXP2 and the output jack of the VP with a regular guitar patch cable. At about 80% of the travel Helix thinks it's at 100%. The last bit isn't even recognised, so when it's completely toe down and I back it off, Helix doesn't respond until it's at 80%. I bought the pedal because multiple folks here said it works fine. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance! Jos
  20. Jos_K

    Helix IR's

    Yes, you can. I have several Celestion IRs and they sound amazing, but it must be noted that the native Helix cabs sound very good too.
  21. That's why I said "sloppy playing dynamics". Not sloppy playing. If you want to hide that, turn the volume down.
  22. I think compression is also important here. Lots of dynamics require very a steady picking technique (or just digging in hard). I really like some amount of compression from the amp itself, so it hides my sloppy playing dynamics.
  23. I've used my Shure SRH-940 for several months now. Excellent headphones for guitars. So far any sound created solely through these headphones translates perfectly to my L2's. The mid detail sounds as if these headphones were made for monitoring guitars. I also have/tried AKG K701, K271, K240, Beyerdynamic HD770 but they didn't come close to the Shures for me.
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