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  1. I agree with Smashcraft - this is exactly how my 600 was. It is the correct height, and is set up as a floating bridge which means the tremolo can be used to both raise, and lower the pitch of the strings. The problem I had was the pivot point on the posts caused metal fatigue on the bridge plate, and chunks came off, making it unusable. I transplanted to a Strat copy using the traditional 6 screw fixing system, which is superior in my opinion. This is also set up to float, with the securing screws loosened a small amount to allow the bridge to sit up a little higher, and slightly angled.
  2. Wow... there's a whole lot of marketing talk in that video, but let's see if the walk walks....
  3. Search this forum for 4CM or 4 cable method.... It'll be more work to set it up patch by patch, but far more flexible. Alternately, try a dummy output jack plugged in the FX send in the amp - I believe this jack being connected allows for amp volume use, but it probably depends on the amp - from memory, I used the method you describe into a Fender Frontman, and had no amp volume usage. I googled it when I got home from the gig, and read about the dummy FX send jack trick.
  4. Occasionally, when I have other things connected (Variax VDI, USB), the HD does this. I unplug everything, and power up again, and it's fine.
  5. To be honest, I'm not sure of the details, but a friend here in Australia did it recently. There are also companies based in the U.S. like www.borderlinx.com/ which will buy, and ship for you. You could google the PayPal delivery service, as I'm sure the translation would be a problem if I tried to explain it, with the limited information I have. Good luck!!
  6. You mean, like new looking - straight out of a shop, without any marks? That's OK, I know there are lots out there the same.... I have a '71 Strat which is well and truly road-worn, and she's pretty much been put out to pasture, coming out of her case only occasionally. The thing is, I've never felt a guitar that felt better to play, and so my aim in transplanting the guts of a variax into a Strat clone was not just for looks (clearly I am in the "I like my guitars well-worn looking" party), but also I endeavoured to get the neck to feel as close to the old girl as I could. I have pretty much achieved that, and I am very happy to play it now - far more so, than when it was simply a variax which looked OK, but definitely didn't play anything like my old Strat. Sure I could have worked on it's neck - actually I did do a degree, but fell short of trying to emulate the feel of the Strat, as the tremolo was very substandard in maintaining tuning under even medium use, and in spite of it's obvious advantages tonally, I still preferred to play the Strat. Now I have the best of both worlds.
  7. Two points... Make sure you know where the selector position is when you pull it off. When dismembering - ah I mean disassembling mine for any inside work, I choose Custom position 1, so I can be sure to put it back in the right position. Initially, I was unaware of this dilemma, until realising that the model I was hearing wasn't the model I was reading on the dial. Trial and error figured out where it was supposed to be..... It definitely needs to be pressed firmly down - don't break it though! It may simply be that the black plastic extension which enables it to stop at Custom 1 or Custom 2, is hitting the part on the PCB which is meant to stop it from turning, thus stopping it from going all the way home on the shaft. Look after point 1, and point 2 shouldn't occur.
  8. OK, so I've managed to answer my own question.... For those interested, "My Settings", and "Manage my Attachments", is where you go to see all your uploads. It seems once uploaded, a file is perpetually linked to your account, and there is obviously a pitifully low number which has been arbitrarily chosen to be your cutoff point, at which you need to delete something from previous posts (which then makes that post far less useful, particularly when we're talking about small mp3 files). :rolleyes: You're welcome. :ph34r:
  9. http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/281407-Line-6-01-48-2503 In theory, Full Compass don't sell outside USA. But you can buy through PayPal, and organise delivery that way.
  10. OK the files I have uploaded in the past have included pics, and mp3 files to show piezo bleed. These added up to max out my quota, (seriously Line6? in this era of unfathomable bandwidth?)... For those wanting to leave info including pics and audio files (I deleted one at 1.6mb and another at 750kb), sorry but we have more pressing matters at hand like saving pennies... So if you have maxed your quota, you go to "My Settings", then "Manage Attachments", to delete what may end up being useful info to someone down the track..... anyway here's some guitar porn, including photos of pickups (and photos of "pickup" badges :rolleyes: ), strategically positioned so as to avert the eye from holes that once contained actual pickups...
  11. I dunno what's happened with the ability to post pics here - I've done it before without problem, and now I have a 5.97kb file size limit, when I look at adding files to posts. What am I gonna post with that, a really badly drawn facsimile of a picture done in a word document? Sheesh! I've enquired on these forums about the file size limit - no explanation has been forthcoming.
  12. That suggests to me that it's not an earth problem, as the earth lead connects to bout outputs. Have a really close look inside the VDI connection - it may be a pin is out of place - I'm assuming the VDI lead works with your JTV... Also the VDI connections are available at Fullcompass
  13. By knowing which models naturally "pop out", you can make solos stand out more ;)
  14. I've simply screwed this earth into the body on my two stratvaxplants. Interestingly, I bought a used televaxplant, and have opened it up (as you do), and the earth lead with the loop, is just hanging there unattached. The electronics are earthed from the coffin case to the body, so maybe this earth wire is made redundant by that? Seemingly it's not necessarily important. Just re-read your post, and saw that it's a 500. No coffin case, but there must be an earth-wire somewhere off the main board I'm hazarding a guess.....
  15. In workbench (HD), save the patches you've created, and transfer (synch) to the other variax, agreeing to overwrite the patch when prompted. Or you could do them all in hit, by saving the variax's contents as a bundle, and then overwriting the entire bundle to the other variax. This takes considerably longer though...
  16. I don't see the point personally, in levelling all the modelled guitars to the same volume - I use the fact that they have different output levels, which in turn drive the amp selected in different ways. E.G. i might play a rhythm part with a Strat model, then flick to a higher output pickup to boost the signal (amongst other methods), for a hotter/dirtier rhythm tone, or when soloing. Horses for courses I guess.....
  17. The info supplied regarding Shuriken suggests the extra string tension over the bridge saddles increases the accuracy of "pitch shifting". So, going by the laws of physics, by using a heavier gauge of strings on the JTV59, you could attempt physically tuning lower, and retaining pitch shifting accuracy - although, as for how low you can go, who knows? Maybe you'll have to tell us, when you do it! I'm personally interested in the results of this test!! I'm predicting C# will start to show glitching, and C will be too problematic to use, but I'd be more than happy to eat my hat....
  18. http://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3f2b0158828f020762b/application/pdf/Variax%20Shuriken%20Pilot's%20Guide%20-%20English%20.pdf
  19. If you bought this new, return for a replacement, or warranty repair. I'd say it's hardware related - similar happens to me on my 600 vaxplant - it's around 10 years old now. I tune it up, ready to go for the first set, select a patch - nothing. Disconnect everything, press a few patch buttons, back into the tuner, back out to a patch, sometimes it operates just fine, others just no signal. It can be fine for a few weeks, then won't operate....
  20. Dunno about "Pack" models, but here's the Line 6 PDF for all amps, etc onboard... http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c087052430f5d6523b/application/pdf/POD%20HD%20Series%20Model%20Gallery%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20E%20).pdf
  21. All documentation and "official" talk regarding this suggests it won't work on JTVs. Shuriken version evidently uses baritone scale length, and lower physically tuned strings. Just confirmed on FB page: Stevic uses 10-46 gauge, and drop D tuning. Evidently the modelling and pitch shifting still handles this amount of variation from standard tuning.
  22. Go here - it seems interest in lefties is being taken into consideration.... https://www.facebook.com/shurikenguitars/?fref=nf
  23. Well personally, I wouldn't buy any of the JTV "impersonations" of a Strat or a Les Paul. So, no, you can't get "anybody" to buy one, but I get your point. To the best of my knowledge: The Shuriken was already designed, and was going to be released to the buying public as a stand-alone product by Stevic (and whoever else he had on board). He was endorsed by Line 6 to the extent that they were happy for him to utilise the HD Variax electronics in his guitar design. They then decided to go ahead and produce the Shuriken themselves. This was not a concept instigated by Yamaha/Line 6, and as such, stands alone. You or I may transplant the guts of whichever model variax into whichever "traditional" or even unique guitar style we choose, if we are able. It's not exactly rocket science, and is achievable for anyone who cares to do it. I have one Tele style, and two Strat style vaxplants. I wouldn't have any expectation to be truly happy with any Variax aesthetics in the future, but that's just me I guess....
  24. From what I understand, he used to physically detune the 89, so maybe he is able to do even more so on the Shuriken, and still get authenticity when he goes down to A on "Sick" - got a spare 9 minutes? O.K. with the "F" word, and unhealthy use of chainsaws? Get on board weirdos..... 12FT :ph34r:
  25. I WAS wondering exactly what'd happened when this project disappeared from the radar for a while - Stevic was obviously told to remove references to it from the 12ft Ninja FaceBook page last year..... :ph34r: Great to see Stevic's innovation taken on board by the good folk at Yamaha/Line 6. I'd hope that it might be the first of many custom designs, as I agree with Stevic's opinion, that, Line 6 has tried, but not succeeded in creating any models that I like visually. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and not too many would necessarily agree with my opinion on JTV looks, which is fine. I'll out myself as a bit of a traditionalist, (looks wise, thus I own two Strat, and one Tele vaxplants), but I gotta say Shuriken gets my two thumbs up. I gather from comments on the forums, a lot of variax users are down on the Yamaha Pacifica based Standard, but I'd choose that any day, over the JTVs if I were to "upgrade". The 59 is the best looking, probably due to it's actually being a lot closer to the original Les Paul look, than the 69 to the Strat, and I've never liked the 80's pointy guitars - waaay to pointy! :rolleyes:
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