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  1. It's sad that for a guitar that is priced around $1,000.00 ($1,999.00 Street) that you gotta go through a bunch of BS just to make the thing sound halfway decent and in the end it doesn't.
  2. good luck i bought the hype and now it sits... hate the sound harsh and brittle...did all the reflash nonsence and changed software versions but could never achive a usefull sound out of the thing. got a autotuned guitar and even though it is a ok made guitar the models were a little more realistic didn't have the overtones and high end distortion. oh and for everyone who doesn't like my opinion on this guitar I couldn't care less. smiles
  3. I agree I rolled back to 1.9 and the models were close. The HD models do lack something in their interpretation very weak and lackluster. I sat for hours tweaking and just couldn't stand the results. Right now my $1,000.00 guitar sits in the case waiting for some kind of improvement in tone.
  4. It got so bad with this dude that I went to the ignore preference and put him in there.
  5. @ cruision2 I had to block this guy very abusive and condescending or an did I say a bully. He attacks when people don't see his way. Must be a very sad person. Plus I give you props for rising above the BS.
  6. After playing both my 69s and AT200 I'm ready to sell the 69s... the acoustic models on the AT are more usable.... string bend and vibrato are not an issue...string volumes are matched with each other. Guitar models are even across the board no need to perform dramatic reconfiguration of a model. I was able to use the guitar right out of the box. Also this is my preference and opinion so I really don't care about negative comments or if I get voted up or down. Just an observation from someone who has tried both
  7. @zedopido I'm not thrilled with 2.1 would like to try your patches on my 69s
  8. oh and I got a-2 rating (like I really care) by some bully because he just couldn't respect my opinion about how this guitar lacks warmth and soul especially the spank and tele models
  9. ot sure what your problem is and to be honest don't really care. I will state how I feel about a product I have invested in especially one that I FEEL has not delivered I my opinion. Which is my right to do so and no one has a right to tell me how to think or what to say. Defend line6 all you want that's your right but give me the same respect to state how I feel. No one has denied you that but you feel it's OK to attack me personally in your responses to my statements. Yet I have never once singled anyone out just because I didn't like their opinions.
  10. This is why I don't really care for posting my opinions... just don't like bullies
  11. Finally an intelligent reason that seems to explain the difference from the old version and the new. I rather prefer 1.9 vs 2.1. What ever Strat they used lacks a lot to be desired. Can't understand the need to drastically change a guitar in workbench (which I find limited) to achive something that was advertised yet as far as I see was not delivered. I find the guitars useless and not up to par sorry that's how I feel. Hopefully the next software update will achieve a more realistic guitar model.
  12. The more I use this thing the more I feel I wasted my money. I've tweak, tried editing and nothing is useful live. Nice studio guitar with some editing but doesn't live up tot the hype.
  13. I got a 69s thinking I could it live but have never been happy with the electric guitars either. I don't use a HD500 I do have a POD but the tones need so much work. To wet with XFs. I found that what sounds good in your house by it's self does not translate to a live or stage environment. I went back to 1.9 which made the elec. a little more usable. When doing a comparison between the 69s and my real guitars through a straight amp/no XFs the difference was night and day.
  14. I find it hard to like the pod or HD sounds to sterile or cold. Digital overdrive will never replace tubes the mechanics are totally different. I have a old Johnson JM250 with 2-12ax7's on the front end driven into the xf chain into SS power amp. It was the first modeling amp on the market. Bad marketing and they stopped selling it but the amp blows anything from line6 out of the water. Cleans sound are warm, overdrive doesn't flap, out tone spectrum stays full throughout being overdrive. Wish they still made them haven't come across any other modeling amp that compare.
  15. Found the thread still not sure what they are talking about
  16. @edstar 1960 I understand you point about using a HD500 but I go right in my amp a Johnson250 which has all the efects I need to work with any guitar I plug in. After flashing back and forth between 1.9 and 2.1 I noticed that 1.9 kept right up with any other guitar that I own. Yes each guitar was/is different but the tones did not suffer. Yet on 2.1 output was low top two strings were lower then the bottom 4. Strat, tele and jazz boxes on 1.9 were very close to real guitars in 2.1 volume levels were lower, thin and kind of cold not to much wood sound in the guitar model. Acoustics through my recording studio in 1.9 did not sound natural. In 2.1 acoustics were closer to real guitars. Also I did not ever edit the models in 1.9 on my variax 500 used them just as they were and didn't seem to have any problem with how they sound. Got a 69s for 1 a better built guitar to use on stage 2 because the tones worked for me without having to do a lot editing. Yet when I did the update the tones/models the guitar became unusable. It seem no matter how much editing I did in WB or on the J250 I could not get the tones I was looking for. So I went back to 1.9. The reasons for line6 not modeling the same guitars is understandable but the new tones/models just don't work for me maybe someone else because everyones ear and needs are different.
  17. Oh and I really don't prefer the old vs the new models nor do I pretend that none like the new ones.
  18. Yes it is my preference plus I also own quite a few different guitars les paul, SG, jazz boxes, 12 string just to name a few which doesn't really matter.But as I said the 2.1 models do not come close to my strats or tele. Yes each guitar has it's own voice which allows them to be used in many types of music and styles so depending on what the style is I have a wide range to select from. But I still do not hear the warmth or wood in the 2.1 strats or teles models. if you or others prefer the old or new models that's ok because it is a opinion and a preference which I also have and expressed.
  19. well I did plug straight into my rig and the difference was night and day 1.9 was fuller and warmer on the spank and t models actually sounded like there was wood in the mix. Volume levels all around were louder and more consistent. Not sure what guitars they modeled but I think for the cost of this instrument and what it promised they need to rethink their sentiment. Maybe the new models reflect the guitars they modeled but I find them weak, tinny and lifeless. The tone of my 3 strats blow 2.1 out of the water. Maybe not being a guitar company is a issue now being owned by Yamaha which makes guitars they might improve on the tones of the models.
  20. did the rollback tones are warmer and fuller guess I'll wait for line6 to hopefully improve the models. Sure the lester, acoustic and reso are not as nice but for what I use which are the strat, tele and jazz models the trade off is worth it. is there away to edit the alt tunings had a real nice nashville which I wish I still had.
  21. Thanks radatats I'll try it when I get home. I bought the guitar to use live and couldn't stand the strat or tele sounds way too thin. I have a 500 i got from a pawn shop with a Buzz Feiten nut but didn't like the way it felt on stage but the guitars were closer to the 3 strat's and 1 tele I own. I might have the the nut put on the 69s the intonation is angelic.
  22. not happy with how my 69s sounds with the latest firmware are there instructions for rolling back to 1.9? thanks
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