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  1. You program a spare footswitch on your HX to mute the 1-switch looper (by toggling the playback volume from 100% to 0%), which could act as a pseudo stop function
  2. During similar experimenting on Friday, I found that (for me) a delay time of around 250ms produced the least amount of rhythmic 'bump' in the sound. A gain block after the delay one would also make sense to prevent the through sound whilst the freeze effect isn't activated. I shall continue to work on this!!!
  3. In terms of delay time, it might actually have to be longer than you think, perhaps around the 100ms mark. The gain/reverb blocks pre/post the delay line has got me thinking though, so i'll have a try myself when i'm home from work later!
  4. efunkelist - Thinking about the bypass element, if the Simple Delay block (the 'Freeze' one) was on a parallel path, putting a gain block in front of it which would then mute the incoming signal by dropping its output to 0 as part of the footswitchable command might work? In terms of delay time, what sort of delay time have you tried? Also try putting a reverb block after the 'Freeze' block to smooth out the signal...
  5. I had a very quick play around with trying to emulate the Freeze by creating a footswitchable command which would set the parameters on a Simple Delay block to set Feedback at 100% and Trails to On. Ideally, it would also need to set the effect to bypass to stop new signal from going into the delay block, but I didn't get that far...
  6. I primarily bought my Helix to replace my pedalboard of effects. The Helix UI is ultra flexible for this purpose (movable effects blocks, parallel signal paths, footswitch assigns, etc, etc) and the effects themselves sound great. Live, i'll use the Helix into my amp (a Fender 59 Bassman), but for recording purposes i'll use the Helix with its amp/cab blocks to record direct into my DAW. The icing on the cake would be for Line 6 to now incorporate some of the effects utilised on previous products (i.e. Reverse delay, Octaver, etc)
  7. From what I can tell so far through limited use, oh yes! I managed to put a patch together without having to consult the cheat sheet or manual, so I can vouch that the UI is very intuitive.
  8. My Andertons order was delivered yesterday!
  9. Correction, it now says 2nd November...
  10. The last time I looked at my order status, Andertons were now expecting stock in on 22nd Oct...
  11. For what it's worth, the expected stock arrival has changed on the main website from 30th Nov to 2nd Nov and for my particular order, the due date for stock is now 19th Oct. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN THOUGH???
  12. Pre-ordered from Andertons yesterday and got an e-mail saying stock isn't due in until the 30th November! Thankfully I haven't got any gigs/projects lined up at the minute due to work commitments, so I can wait it out...
  13. I ran out of patience I sold mine at a loss on Ebay. Bought a Zoom MS100BT at a third of the price to tide me over in the meantime...
  14. 1.) The amp volume parameter can be adjusted by tapping the big knob until the led light ring turns pink and then adjusting the volume to suit (from memory, I believe the different colours are red = master volume, pink = amp volume, white = input/guitar volume) 2.) You cannot currently do this
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