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New DT Firmware for new HD500 firmware


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I'd love to be able to purchase the new 'Metal' and 'Vintage' packs and run them standalone on my DT50 as I don't use a POD HD. 


Of course, an update for the DT series amps to include the new models won't anytime soon as they are a purchased add-on and that's to be expected at this point in time. Theres a couple of models that I really like in the new releases but I'd have to purchase a HD500 or a lower model and wait. <_<


Anyway, a good update for HD users none the less!!  :D



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Ok, here's an idea, which I doubt will work, since the DT doesn't update via Monkey or any type of license manager..


For people who own / register their HD500, or 500x, who buy the model packs, and own DT amps, make those model packs with preamp only version available to be uploaded standalone.. :)


Yeah, I know, asking a bit much there! But I agree, I would really like to hear how some of these new models sound with just the DT.. It's a great sounding amp without the POD, indeed. Would sound killer to use the new 5150 and JCM800 on a DT50!!!


But next time I to set up my rig at home, I am planning to do some 'new model pack as linked to DT, using the DT's XLR out' recordings


Would actually be a cool test to do recordings of the new amp models via studio/direct, vs the new amp models as linked to the DT.

IE, compare what they modeled for power amp response, vs what they paired in the DT, in terms of the typology settings for the power amp.

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Considering the lowest priced DT is still twice the cost of the HD500; can we just call it even and give all the DT folks a sweet, sweet bone? pleeeaaaseee~! :)


I really mostly use the DT with the HD500; but it is quite nice to plug in direct, and that's how I intend to run one DT25 rig with my band, my buddy on lead guitar is using my keeley pedalboard into a DT25 mini stack; and I am using the other set of DT25's. Interestingly, two DT25 extension cabs don not stack as well as I imagined.. The base is slightly deeper, so the feet have to be just so for thee top cab to sit right.


However, the DT25 combo stacks perfectly on top of the DT25 extension cab. GO figure! It's not any more top heavy than two cabs and the head on top.

Plus, looks cool since the controls are on top. 

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That IS strange isn't it! I used to have a DT25 combo and extension speaker that as you say, stacks perfectly. I never would have thought two extension cabs would not stack well? You would think the amp and speaker cabinets would be the same size, no? Interesting  :huh:


I honestly think Line 6 COULD implement add on packs for DTxx owners but I don't think it'll see the light of day IMHO. I think the idea would come much too late and by then a new model DT would be released.


Theres around four new amp models that take my fancy and I could go and buy a new HD500 but that just seems way too extreme just to audition a few new models, hoping they'll be worth the spend. I can't complain really because I already think my DT50 sounds great with the 30 models right now so I not too upset! 


Im interested if the DT series with be continued on because I'll be there all over again if they do. I wonder if this line will be obsolete like the SV series? Personally I'm half expecting there would be a DT series II due to the success of this gem they created. Even the haters love this amp after they here it. Sure, other Line 6 products have risen and fallen in popularity as the trends change but I reckon the DT amps will be 'one of products' they got 'right' when we look back at it. 

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