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School me on power amps.


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Some of you might remember a thread I made, comparing the use of my HD 500x running direct through a certain set of PA speakers vs running direct through the power amp section of my Carvin MTS3200 and out of my V30 loaded 2x12 cab...


And I think ive found out that those PA speakers were old and sounded more like guitar speakers instead of real FRFR speakers, which makes sense of why they sounded similar. I could barely hear anything coming from those horns!


I've come to this conclusion after borrowing an active PA speaker (carvin PM12A). In comparison, the carvin active speaker handled mp3s of songs fine with great clarity and top end, and the cheap PA I was using the whole time sounded like I was trying to play an mp3 through a guitar setup. Unfortunately the active speaker didn't take to the Pod like the cheap PA did. There was the infamous fizz monster in all its' glory.


And since the cheap PA isn't mine and won't be in my possession long, I've been looking at options. I've been playing guitar longer then I've known how to do laundry or balance a checkbook, but I don't know very much about power amps or preamp, and I'm just learning as I go along, and could really use some advice from some of the very helpful people here.


If I decide that I want to run my pod through my guitar cab, is there a small power amp I can get, that will do for me what running through the power section of my head does?


One of the nicest things I liked about modeling is not having to lug around a bunch of heavy gear, as I have permanent ulnar nerve damage in both arms. So, the smaller and lighter, the better.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I have an ehx 44 and they are plenty loud. The trick is to rely on the pod to push the preamp volume (make sure you are on line level not amp) so you don't need to crank the ehx to where it starts to break up. I have never needed to go over 11o clock on a clean patch and it's really loud. That's pushing a 16ohm quad btw.

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I like the Rocktron Velocity series. I've used a 120 for a while and it sounds good through a 2x12 - I used it with an XT Pro (and other rack stuff for years). Weight? Depends on the rack case.


That said - currently I'm chugging through a Tech 21 Power Engine 60. To me it sounds sweet, its 33 lbs and will blast a drummer. :)



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As small and light as its gonna get...


If you need more juice, Rocktron makes several single rack-space SS power amps that don't weigh much.

+1 on the Magnum 44.


Bought it a few weeks ago. Gigged with it. I never come over half power at all because more would mean instant deafness.


I guess if you ever need more than the Magnum 44 you better put a microphone on it and have it on Monitors.

Because it's lollipoping loud and sounds heavy AF.

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