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9-11-15 ???? Is this date still the ETA of the Helix


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 Joshua, Ext. 3037: Hi, my name is Joshua, Ext. 3037. How may I help you?
 Kevin : I pre ordered a Line 6 Helix about a month ago. Was told I would get one from the first shipment. Called yesterday to get an update because I was told they had arrived on 10/06 and they were being checked in and should ship out in a few day. The person I spoke to said they are indeed in the warehouse and that mine was there. I called today after looking at some forums of ship dates and was told that none have been received and won't be until 11/13. They have 10/10 posted on the sight. WTF is going on? Every one that pre ordered from other retailers including guitar center have already gotten theirs. Many walked into guitar centers have walked in and bought one. What's the purpose of pre ordering if I get it a month after every other retailer. And why do I keep getting bad info and the run around?
 Kevin : Two people say that they are there and about to ship and another says I was lied to. ????
 Joshua, Ext. 3037: Let me look into this for you and see 
 Kevin : Thanks
 Joshua, Ext. 3037: No problem, we are very busy here so please give me a moment or so.
 Kevin : np
 Joshua, Ext. 3037: Ok I have checked online and guitar center and sweetwater are both still on preorder, are you sure that people are already getting theirs? Because it seems from what I can find everyone is waiting on Line 6 for this?
 Joshua, Ext. 3037: Unfortunately it does look like they are getting pushed back till November at this time, I'm still trying to get more info on this though
 Kevin : No. Go to the line 6 forum. Every one has already shipped their first shipment.
 Kevin : Sweetwater and GC are awaiting ther second shipment.
 Kevin : Why was I told it was already there?
 Joshua, Ext. 3037: I'm not sure. 
 Joshua, Ext. 3037: I don't know why that agent would have told you that, unfortunately
 Kevin : He emailed me after I spoke to him.

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Retailers are like politicians, just dumber, and with a much simpler end game...getting your money. They say whatever they think is necessary to get your money. Once they have it, the game is over. Any and all creativity or problem solving stops once the credit card goes through. After that, expect no more attempts to actually DO anything, because they've already won.


"I don't know. The computer says we'll get the shipment next week. Anything else I can 'help' you with today?"


And the "customer service representative" answering the phone cares even less about your problem than the guy who sold it to you.

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Sucks to be waiting that long. I can only imagine I probably won't see my pre-ordered and paid for Rack and Control till next March up in Canada. I paid for it in full because my retailer usually moves the fully paid orders first as has been my experience in the past.

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I called 8 hours ago and was told they would be arriving tomorrow. After seeing these latest posts I called again and was told 11/13. How? What in the world could be causing this delay? Now I'm wondering if I'm better off ordering through Sweetwater and canceling my order.


The guy did give me a $15 credit for having to wait an extra month so there's that. : (

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