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  1. I can’t even get sound with Helix Native on Logic Pro X. I’ve moved in the past year to Studio One 3 and have it working perfectly with that DAW. I had no problem initializing it in Logic and it comes up and works but no sound. Hope you are able to solve it!
  2. Uhh....No. Seriously....when you compare the two, there is no comparison. With the Digitech pedal in the loop, it sounds like it should through chords...especially when playing live. The Helix could use a nice polyphonic pitch shifting alogarithm like the other units already have (Kemper and Axe). We will just have to wait, I guess.....I bet we will get more Marshalls models though....cripes! Not complaining just venting a bit.
  3. Interesting! A bit of controversy is always fun! Thx for the update! Perhaps the Helix is also going to be able to Tone Match? That would be interesting. Not really necessary but interesting.
  4. I have an ebtech hum eliminator in with my Helix rack as well for 4CM. Works great and super quiet now with my JP-2C LE
  5. I've been using my Rack since mid-June for many gigs now without issue. Hope this doesn't happen again to you.... When I had a powered Kemper years ago during my summer gigs, it shut down on three seperate occassions. Had to return it as they didn't offer any solution that worked and weren't willing to replace it.
  6. I've gone deeper into the Mark IV model. It sounds amazing! I added in the required EQ and set it up similar to how I would set the real thing. Remarkably, it is so darn close, it is uncanny! Love it!
  7. Thank you! Will try this and report back!
  8. Still trying to find a solution to this one. ANy ideas? The preset is exact in every way in the new location. All of the effects work correctly except for the delay. When I copy the preset to another location by saving it to that location to overwrite the existing preset, the delay will work. As soon as I switch to another preset and switch back, the delay will not work. The footswitch on the control lights up show it is on, the parameters are all identical, etc. The delay shows it is on. The other effect directly beside it works fine and can be heard. This is very strange.
  9. PBGas

    Routing Issue

    Much thanks ! All good!
  10. PBGas

    Routing Issue

    This is what I figured. I will try this. I wasn't able to insert a Y in the lower path as of yet.....strange. Much thanks for the reply! ....edit.....it's working now! Had to restart it again. Much thanks!
  11. PBGas

    Routing Issue

    Hi Folks, Just a quick question. I have started programming some of my settings when using my amp via 4CM with my Helix. I needed a few more effects and went with the parallel path with the input along path A and out to Path B and then to the output. I'm not sure if I have setup something incorrectly here or if maybe I am not seeing this properly. The problem occurs with the vintage delay. What I did was copy the Delay down to the lower B path to free up a spot above and have the delay. It does not sound like the delay that is on Path A that is on the Y-split path. I tried putting in the Y-split path down below but it won't allow me to. Did I do something wrong or do I have to remove the Y-split path above and then re-do it below. Very confused....pic attached. Much thanks for any help and suggestions!
  12. PBGas

    Tube amps Gone?

    I have a couple of fantastic tube amps (JP-2C LE and a Mark V 35 combo) that I love. I use the Helix with my JP-2C and it works perfectly. Sometimes I want the amp on and sometimes just the Helix. That is the beauty of this unit.
  13. If I was to go full range, I would probably grab one of those Friedman ASM cabs, myself. I've tried one of them and it sounded great!
  14. So it's been about a year and a half now and perhaps Line 6 has "fried all of their fish" at this point? I'm running mine with a Digitech Drop in loop 2 and it works great. It would be nice to eliminate that pedal and use what they come up with. perhaps with the next release, it may happen? One can only hope. LoL. Either way, Helix Rack and control are great and I am enjoying them far more than anything I have used previously!
  15. Are you running a Mac with El Capitan installed as your OS? That would usually be the first problem. When I first got my rack I had the same issue. It took me about 12 different tries and it finally took. After that, no issues.
  16. I have the latest update and firmware on my new Helix Rack and control. A strange thing is occurring on mine. When I save my entire preset to a new area, the delay no longer works. Very strange. All of the other effects copy perfectly but for some strange reason, I can't get the delay to work. Not sure why?
  17. But is a polyphonic type pitch change or detune? I have played with it yet. I need it for chords for songs that I am doing live which we change in pitch.
  18. If it is any consolation...I have had 3 Kempers over the years since they first came out. I love the Helix way more!
  19. I think what is maddening is that they haven't put in an effect such as the Drop Tune so you can lower your pitch without having to go to an external pedal.
  20. In a way, I'm kind of glad that my Rack won't be coming until later. Hopefully some of the issues will be resolved by then. This happens with everything though. I remember with my Kemper units there was the odd release that was all of sudden trumped with another release due to issues. It happens.
  21. We all need those 243 amps when we play live. Enjoy! :) I realize a lot of choice is great but there comes a point when you have to ask yourself if you will really use all of it?
  22. What CK should have done was in some way charge those who are using his machine to profit from the profiles being made for sale. Free profiles would be no charge, Even a small fee for those selling profiles would have brought him in some huge $$$ that he could put to more R&D for even newer products.
  23. This is great and exactly what I was hoping it would be able to do. I sold my head and cab last weekend and ordered the Rack and Control. This will make my recording much easier and quicker as well as when playing live. Can't wait!
  24. Very unfortunate to be waiting. You are not alone though, apparently.
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