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Hd500x Power Supply


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What are the exact power specifications on the HD500X?

I want to know if it's AC or DC.

I also want to know the voltage (ie 9vAC~2A, etc)...

I want to also know the amps...


I'm looking at either the Cioks DC10 brick or the AC10 brick to power my stuff on stage, etc.


Thank you very much for the feedback.  I downloaded several documents and couldn't find this info...



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I just got my HD500X today, and it's basically the same thing. But:
1. It feels a little 'thinner' (the one of the HD500 was wider and hard to connect in a power strip)
2. LED is now rectangular (not circular)
3. LED is WAY brighter (it's annoying actually, lol)

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it's DC:


Line6 DC 3-G, power supply for POD HD series, input = 100-240V AC, 1.0A 50-60 Hz, output = thomann 9V DC, 3A (27W max). Plus outside, minus inside[/size]

Probably a dumb question here but following on from the last question, I'm guessing the power supply works for 240 volts as well as 120, judging by the "100-240v AC" description. I bought a US 500x to use in Australia, I'm just checking I won't blow it up by plugging it into the native 240v power.....

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Hi guys, I just picked up a HD500X on eBay minus the power socket adaptor for the power supply (US to Australia). I have an aftermarket adaptor but I'm concerned I could plug in the NEMA two prong connector the wrong way. Is this possible? Or can I plug it in either way? (I don't have a multi meter to check the DC output).




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I have the standard issue power unit for my HD500X  When first plugged in it flashes as though someone is toggling the power on and off. 


Does anyone know if this is a fault with the power unit or the pod itself... 


just a thought - i haven't plugged the pod into the laptop and updated for...well..years.  Does anyone know if this has anything to do with it?


thanks in advance

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