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How to make a good custom guitar using workbench HD


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I'm curious about the various techniques people use to create custom guitars using workbench HD.


Is there any kind of tutorial anywhere online, where people explain how the created a Texas Special Stratocaster, or a Paul Reed Smith, or a Fender Mustang? (Just three random examples)


I'm interested in trying to build a Kurt Cobain Signature Jaguar, which has a PAF in the neck and a Super Distortion in the bridge.


The best plan I have is to listen to clean sound samples of the guitar, and keep playing around randomly with workbench until my Variax sounds the same as the sound sample. Anybody else recommend a better technique, or recommend a starting spot?


I was thinking of putting 89 pickups in the bridge and maybe a les Paul neck humbucker in the neck.

Not sure what body.

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You'll only ever get in the ballpark, and how close you get to the "sweet spot", will come down to how pedantic you are in your processes - though having said that, it sounds like you got the idea already.

Of course the guitar body/pickups are only a part of the equation, with all the stuff that happens in the fingers, then of course down the line in the way of FX and amps etc, I wouldn't get TOO bogged down with it if I were you - it gets in the way of playing the dang music. Probably only you will be able to differentiate any differences in choices made at this level, when you're playing with a band. Though, if it makes you lean in just a bit further to the wind - go for it!

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All of the patches on this link should be compatible with Variax Standard as well as JTV, and will give you some ideas as well as a starting point.


There are a couple of tutorials based on the Old workbench on VettaVille somewhere that describe things like Volume and Tone Pot settings and Pickup configurations - that hasn't changed since the original variax, but you will need to adapt for the newer Software interface:

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