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Mac OSX and Helix not the best of friends


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Hi there,


let me start of by saying that I absolutely love the Helix: The sounds, the ease of use, the flexibility, the looks!


However, at this moment my Macbook pro and Helix don't communicate that well. The App is very unstable and crashes every few seconds/minutes when exporting or importing or doing nothing at all, can't find the Helix, disconnects and gives me messages like: "No symbol lookup table present for models and parameters", and so on. Today I installed the update and the problem persists, no worse no better, but just almost impossible to work with.


I have a ticket open on this issue, so I'm expecting it to be solved anytime soon.


I opened this topic, to see if anybody has found a practical workaround for this and to learn from other experiences.




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Update: I used an old powered USB 2.0 hub (brand: Elecom) between the Helix and the macbook pro and the Helix app is stable!

Update again: the crashing of the app appears so random that I thought the hub was a solution. Today I found that it's still very unstable:

- crashes when exporting

- imports go wrong: Presets are all empty or all presets have the same settings


I hope an OSX update solves this or that Line 6 will come with a solution. I just don't want to loose hours of work!!

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Similar problem here. iMac (32 gb, 4 yrs old) app worked intermittently at best, not usable. No hub. Tried everything. Then connected helix to my mbp and it worked flawlessly the first time. Something not right with the iMac software stability.

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