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Experience so far trying to update...need help!


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Hello L6 Helix forum!


I have run into issues updating the helix. 


I purchased new from GC about a month ago.


I am currently trying to update the helix. It has not been updated since purchase.


My questions:


Which program needs to be downloaded first? The language on the download section of the L6 website is beyond confusing to me. 


From what i can tell there are:



-the update itself

-an editor

-firmware update





once i download any of the above, i open the .dmg and it does its thing and verifies and then opens a finder box with a .pkg file in it. clicking on that results in a slight delay and then a verifying box and no movement or progress occurs after that part. its just stuck!


HELP!!! i can't update the helix or figure out how to get going with the editor!


otherwise this thing has been a blast and is a ridiculously well thought out GUI



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Here are the procedures I use.


1) Use the Helix app to backup your existing setlists and/or presets that you want to keep.


2) Download the Helix app/editor installer program from the Downloads section of this website. The app/editor is identified as Helix in the Software (not Product) field of the Downloads page.


3) Run the installer program. Make sure you install all three components - the app/editor, the Line 6 Updater program, and the driver.


4) Connect your Helix to the computer via USB and run the Line 6 Updater program. This will update the firmware on your Helix.


5) Restart Helix while holding down footswitches 7 & 8. This will restore the global settings to their default values and also install the factory presets associated with the new firmware.


6) Use the new Helix app/editor to restore the setlists/presets that you backed up in Step 1.


Let us know if this procedure fails at any point. Identify where it is failing and provide details.

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Fellas, I appreciate the replies. At this point, anything i am downloading from line 6 is not opening. I am stuck at "Verifying "line 6 hellx driver.pkg""...and same for any other files. 


I have restarted. I don't believe i have any crazy firewall issues.


Macbook pro Retina 13-inch early 2015

3.1 ghz intel core i7

16 gb 1867 mhz ddr3


os x el capitan version 10.11.5


i am decent enough with computers to get stuff working *most* of the time. 


this one has me stumped


once i figure out how to screen shot on this computer i'll post what its looking like. 





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OK. the fix was, i restarted computer and all internet devices in the house including modem/router. 


line 6 software verified and was able to be installed after all of that. 


Thanks for the help and input folks. i now also understand the process better thanks to silverhead!!

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