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  1. Good questions. It it has become my main guitar. Reason is that I play mostly metal with all different tunings so easy to go from one tuning to another and then to another using the helix with the Shuriken. I'm very happy with the build quality. 'I'm used to,the baritone scale length and had never tried that before this guitar. I'm used to it. But if you go from a standard guitar to the Shuriken in the same session it may feel a bit different for a short while. Id recommend trying one if possible before buying.
  2. Hi, What does this mean: Known Issues: Shuriken Variax bank names will not appear in firmware until Helix is connected to a Mac/PC and Workbench HD is launched
  3. nippyjun

    USB Cables

    I only use mogami or monster USB cables. They are the best............. :D
  4. Would it be possible for line 6 to post the preset setlist files for us to use after a firmware update. That would be the easiest way to get the newest presets.
  5. I use the Black Sabbath ones all the time. Good stuff.
  6. Hi, I would say the neck feels closer to my strat or vintage gibson sg. Not like my Les Paul standard. It feels thinner like the strat. I think if it was a chunky neck it would be harder to play being a baritone scale.
  7. Hi check out Ben Vesco's site. He has great Metallica patches.
  8. Ok. I installed the workbench and monkey software. I had to register the guitar with line 6 to get the software to recognize the guitar. Monkey said firmware up to date. I didn't play around with workbench but it downloaded all the info on the guitar to the workbench. I'm having so much fun setting up different tunings on the helix. 8 different tunings per preset. One per snapshot. Amazing. Sounds really good. The magnetic pickup sounds fine to me. One tip is that you have to have a cable in the 1/4" socket of the guitar in addition to the variax cable for workbench and monkey to see the guitar.
  9. I just installed workbench. How do you tighten up palm muting? The string tension feels fine. They are 10's. I haven't even tried the magnetic pickup yet.
  10. I have a helix. This is my first Variax. The Guitar itself is good quality. It's not heavy. Feels solid. Nice in the hands. Neck is comfortable. The scale length is longer then I'm used to but I'm pretty much accustomed to it after a few hours of use. The matte black finish is cool. Left hand slides easy with this finish. It does pick up fingerprints. Integration with Helix is crazy cool. Changing tuning per snapshot is great. It came tuned to Drop D as many of the presets built into the guitar are made for Drop D. When setting up different tunings in Helix you just have to set the low E string setting by one whole step higher to account for the physically Drop D tuned guitar. I play along with tabs on tab toolkit app on my iPad. Mostly metal genre with lots of different tunings . This makes it fast and easy once you set up the preset. Palm muting is not quite sounding perfect but good enough. If any of you have questions I'll try to answer them. I ordered mine from Sweetwater Jan 25 and it came 4/11/17.
  11. Shipped from Sweetwater today
  12. Do I need the line 6 monkey for anything. I have a helix and am getting the Shuriken.
  13. DI, I had seen an ideascale idea to move the USB input trim to a better location. Any plans for this? Thanks.
  14. True. But 5 years.... Hopefully the Shuriken will spark and update or the need for an update.
  15. Interesting. Is the latest version really the one from 2012?
  16. Hi. I'm planning on getting a Shuriken. Does it use the workbench. Which is the latest version? What software do I download? Thanks.
  17. I was able to use the helix to scroll on my ultimate guitar app on the ipad. I have the camera connection kit to connect the ipad to the helix.
  18. Use the channel volume of the amp to level the volumes without affecting the tone. Or you can do the same using the level on the output blocks.
  19. You can use the returns for backing tracks. What is your audio source for The backing tracks. You can for example connect MP3 player, smart phone, other audio device using 8th inch to quarter inch adapters and connect that through the returns
  20. How about a competition to compare the speed and effectiveness of matching the tone of a known artist and their tone on one specific song.
  21. You need an apple camera connection kit. I got the one that lets you charge your iOS device at the same time.
  22. Can't this already be done with the wah. I'm not in front of my helix at the moment to check this.
  23. What was the negative experience? The current group is excellent and now has almost 4000 members. You can block a user's posts if there is someone you don't want to see messages from. I don't see a need for another Facebook helix group. Between this site, the Facebook group, and the bear page forum there is already enough stuff to follow.
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