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Can I send an email to Line6 Support team?

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I'm having a trouble with my JTV-69.

(Alt tune warbling)



Living in Non-US country, and I found one official line6 distributor in my country so I contacted them.


But they said, it is not piezo pickup problem.


Maybe signal process issue.


To fix it, they need A new variax Board (PCA??)


But they don't have it, and they cannot ask to headquarter

(because they only treat new variax standard right now as they mentioned.).


If I get and bring it, they can install it as they said...




So Can I order new variax Board or is there any other way to solve this problem?

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i'm from Sri Lanka.i got a line 6 tone port ux1 audio interface.then i tried to connect to my MacBook Air (M1 chip).but their drivers are not supporting in to my i just wanna help from you for the connect this one as soon as possible and please give me some guidence to make it worthy for me.

thank you.

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For a UX1 and other interfaces, the Computer Based Recording section would be the place for such questions.

For future question this is a section for guitar questions.

Still, someone here would be able to answer this.


And when getting Drivers to run an interface, check the Downloads page to be certain of computer operating system is a match.


Looks like M1 is compatible. Also make certain the device is registered in your account.


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