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I've found a few conversation with some interest in putting one of these things on. I really do like pick guards on Les Pauls and think a vintage blonde one would look great on the sunburst JTV59.


Has anyone attempted to install a standard one, if so any tips\tricks\gotchas


Also, might put one of the lest paul switch covers on too for the pick up selector. Anyone put one of those on.


Really appreciate any input

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Back at the beginning of the JTV's in 2011, there were several folks who did it, but took some doing iirc.


The stock LP pick guard doesn't fit the pickup rings or spacing, so some had some specially made or made them themselves. I have an epi LP that came with one not installed and held it to my 59, and it didn't fit.


The switch plate fits, but the 59 toggle switch is recessed, so they had to work with that. I saw their pictures, and they looked good - both of the pick guard and the switch plate. Unfortunately, the forum has been redone since then and those posts are long gone. Maybe someone who did it still comes here and can post those pictures...


Myself, I like the LP without the pick guard. Would have liked to do the switch plate, but wasn't a big enough deal to me to actually get around to it.


Just my 2 cents worth...



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Must be handy with hand tools  ,have prior experience building model kits as a child, or  know a luthier to do the work 


The JTV-59 pickup rings are slightly larger than genuine Gibson PU mounting rings and a it takes some rework, cutting,  to make a stock LP pickguard fit a JTV-59


And many folks have added the LP style PU Selector ring 


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I just installed this pickgaurd today. I let it sit overnight in some coffee to darken it a bit so it would more closely match the pickup rings. Using a Dremel,  I had to remove about 1mm from one section of the pickgaurd to get it to fit.



I just tried to post the pic here in the forum, but I got an error message.... "Not allowed to post pictures with that extension."



I copied image address from Picasa and used the photo icon above the dialog box on the forum here. What am I doing wrong? 



***** https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/S0UDbaYFx3qWEuLCFM64pMspH6i1blZoLuaYVgX0BrlfppZ7h7-NKK1BjYChpy_umFvw0mXQMgzIWw=w1366-h768-rw-no

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