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  1. So I updated my Stomp to 3.0. Went great. Browsed through to add one of the new effects, all greyed out. Suspected it was a DSP limit, started a brand new patch with nothing in the chain....greyed out again when I try to add any of the Poly etc. So, plan B, loaded up HX Native where DSP shouldn't be an issue, and boom....the poly etc effects are greyed out. What be happening? Anyone else seeing this?
  2. I own an Amplitube, HX Effexts and HX Stomp. All rock solid and never ever bricked. My firehawk fx is the unit I leave in our practice space. Thing has about 10 hours usage max with a new band. Went to switch it on today and just nothing on the display and the A switch lights up red. I’ve seen a few posts of this but always end without any resolution. Is there anyone out there with a solution. I’ve tried every button combo and zero joy, any help or advise appreciated.
  3. Of course what would a new purchase be without a few wish list things. As it’s hardware, not happening, but v 2.0 1. A VDI input, really like to run my Variax that way. Nice to have 2. A dedicated button for switching between modes (Preset, Stomp, Snapshot etc). If one more footswich could have been fit on the upper right or the likes that would have been great. Hopping between preset and stomp mode is big for me and hate leaning down and fiddling about on stage. And actually worth asking, does HX Edit have an Undo. I keep doing stupid things like getting a block perfect, then by mistake having it highlighted as I select another effect and immediately overwriting. Even a message for ‘want to overwrite existing block’. Too easy to do.
  4. Background. I owned a full helix floor. A lot I loved about it, but the size was just too much to be useful and I worried about all those morning parts. Sold it. When the HX Effects came out I thought it was the perfect solution, it's pretty great, but I really missed the amp and cab sims side, and really really missed the headphone jack (one thing I loved about the helix was how great things sounded through headphones, as well as allowing me to play when the kids were in bed I firmly believe the better the tone, the more creativity gets encouraged in those small windows most of us have to play...and well be creative). I also missed the audio interface side of things. Roll on a few months and the stomp was released I initially saw the price tag, and the limited number of blocks and foot switches and thought, zero interest. Recently I got a really nice gist token to sweetwater from work so, well, thought I'd give the stomp a try. A week in, it's just truly won me over. Headphone and USB interface back. What I thought was a block limitation, is absolutely not an issue. It makes me think how bizarre I approached the full helix and HX Effects, the choices were 1. Build one monster preset and just map the blocks to foots switches, use it like a single pedal board for shows. 2. Build a preset for every song, use blocks for the sake of using blocks when in reality most songs don't need that much signal altering or changes. Option 1 was like having a Ferrari you never took out of first gear, Option 2 was like having a Ferrari that you'd changed into third gear while still in the driveway. Different for different folks, but the six blocks on Stomp just simplifies everything, five or so presets gets me through an entire set (I try to keep a consistency in my tone for tracks we do, keep the bands sound somewhat constant). It's absolutely the perfect solution, really is. Wish I'd had this years ago
  5. Can only answer two of them 1. I believe it's right to left, which would mirror a conventional pedal array where inputs are on the right and outputs on the left of the things. 3. There are no Customtones for HXFX, all those are for the units that have amp and cab modeling as they are usually baked into the tone. I wish Line 6 would have a Customtone area for HXFX presets. Some day.
  6. Announced today from Nektar, and has presets specifically for the Helix. Interesting.
  7. Line 6 Dev, Give @em07189 his 'snapchots' immediately per his demands. He had a technical problem so is richly deserving. --- ok hold tight @em, they should be arriving shortly. That's how the universe works mate
  8. I disagree. Sweet water sold out of the units, very few complaints about this issue, that means lots of happy customers. As a developer, I know my team would never want to release a product unless if were bulletproof but thats why businesses have other teams that know users are waiting, problems can be fixed, and revenue is what keeps things flowing. G;ad they released when they did. But really what I agree in is the PR side, I've had plenty of manufacturers who have been unresponsive, given minimal things to try and basically just dropped even trying to fix things in the past. Line 6 replied almost immediately, gave me lots of options to try, and when they failed didn't hesitate in issuing an RMA and talking care of shipping. That's what you want in your company, that they are great when things are not going so well
  9. 100% agree. Was thinking the same thing. Align all three, who cares if that doesn't follow sequentially, will make life way easier.
  10. I've sent mine back to Line 6. They are sending me a replacement. Top support, really responsive and helpful and didn't hesitate in swapping out. Wonder what the hell it is with just some units. Maybe a specific factory run. Got mine from a batch delivered to Sweetwater around Feb 1 or so.
  11. I opened a support ticket. Being worked on. Will post an update when I have one. Reinstalled Firmware, unit seemed to boot fine in testing but dreaded -28 at a gig over the weekend and multiple reboots (the usual only remedy) did nothing so had to go effect-less. Eeesh. I will say, that this issue aside, I absolutely adore the HX Effects.Amazing unit
  12. No way to do what you are trying to do, it really is just a play\overdub thing. Can't even store the loop. If you want to stay away from using the Daw (and I will say, workflow-wise, a midi pedal running to Ableton's Looper plugin is the best as you can literally drag parts to clips) I would suggest a TC Ditto X4, can be picked up relatively cheap on Craigslist. Two independent tracks that can be run in serial mode (can switch back and forth between them as each measure turns around) or sequenced so they just work together but isolate parts. Can also me saved and transferred via USB. I do wish the Helix allowed for storing and recalling at least one or two loops but can't have it all.
  13. regalpierot


    Ha. I initially saw your post, and much as I appreciated the response I knew I had an unassigned switch spare (happened to be the FS2). But it did make me think a little more in that regard and thought I'd try to make footswttch 3 (where the looper is in the factory presets) the free one. Presto, I was suddenly able to add a new looper. Be interested if anyone else has a HXFX to see if they notice the same thing. Thanks so much Phil, you got me looking in the right direction mate.
  14. regalpierot


    Anyone any advice. I have a preset I'm building on the HXFX and I'm trying to add a Looper block just before the Volume one. I locate the spot on the signal flow, press the large knob to bring up effects list, scroll down to Looper, try to press the big knob to select it or press the 'page right' button and no matter what way I do it the scribble strip changes to 'None' and block isn't added. Though it might be Dynamic DSP telling me I hadn't enough processing power for the thing, but added one of the new reverbs and a delay to test and those load fine. Any ideas? Thx
  15. Yeah, going to try the DSP reset tonight and then if I can at least get it to boot back up all my stuff and then reload the update again just in case things don't go well. Although, can you reapply an update, never tried that and some of the hardware units I have where an app senses the version on the unit (Maschine and Traktor S8) will tell you it has the latest OS so won't allow you to apply. We'll see. I will probably open a support ticket too, someone coded that specific error to mean something so they should know. Will post any update. If anyone else you there gets the same issue please post. .
  16. Had the unit a week, been falling in love with it a little more every day. This evening switched it on and on startup it fails to boot. I get SS = Scribble Strip SS1 = Line 6 Logo SS2 = HX EFFECTS SS3 = Firmware Version 2.50.0 SS4 = Blank SS5 = Boot Failure: res = -28 SS6 = DSP Init Just stops there. Afraid to init in case I love the presets I've built over the past two days but havent backed up. Anyone else seen this?
  17. I've goofed around with a lot of loopers over the years including many IOS apps and plugins (Ableton Looper etc) using various Bluetooth and USB pedals. In the end, I swear, get the Ditto X4 and put it in your chain. Saves a lot of trying to get clever mapping midi and ultimately hoping something as flakey as iPad app will cut it for you. I saw one posted on $125 on craigslist recently so bargain if you can get one there. Will save loops. Has bunches of effects. You won't be needlessly wearing away at the Helix buttons and thing is the best looper I've ever used (has midi DIN on it too for BPM sync). Less, is definitely more
  18. Oh I'm able to make plenty of bad sounds with it :) Yeah, for some reason it's only ok the 2.50 firmware upgrade I thought the same thing. As a young guitarist, when I got a boss ME-5 I thought we'd reached the pinnacle of technology for guitars. I couldn't have envisaged that some day in my lifetime there'd be a device that you could obtain an update from over a global network connection that would enhance the thing with like brand new effects, models, features. Just wasn't such things as updates back then. Amazing
  19. @highline, if you ever find out the magic equation let me know. I've had Wah pedals at different spots on different boards and can sonically range the 'never want to switch it on' awful tone to the 'never want to switch it off' awesomeness. I'll find that different overdrives will react differently to it and God knows no two Wah manufacturers or even models act the same. I will say that I settled on a Crybaby GCB95Q because the ability to control the range of filter makes a massive difference. But still, it can sound like crap before my JHS moonshine or like crap after my Strymon Riverside so a dark art. I would say if you can use a send/return block do it (assuming Wah is a big part of your sound) because you have the flexibility per preset to move the thing around and then lock in what works with that combo. Seriously though. Another option would just to set toe position to Engage on an expression. Have the exp in heel when you don't want the sound and then it's almost like a toe click to engage minus the tactile click. Or like me, just use the too right foot switch to engage or Disengage Wah. It's just slightly different muscle memory to learn.
  20. That's actually a fairly good question. Would love to know myself. You can set the same Pedal to map to volume versus Wah etc per preset but not sure if there's an easy foot control to switch in same preset. Will say this. I tried during practice session with band to unplug from Exp 2 to Exp 1 mid song. Don't do that. It sets the volume block to zero immediately and on HXFX you have to go into signal flow and increase vol unless your clever enough (which I wasn't) to just plug Pedal back into Exp input 2. So glad I didn't try that on stage.
  21. @highline, I'm pretty sure @HonestOpinion was giving you a suggestion not a misunderstanding of what you were asking. Cannot be done at present. The Helix Rack is the only product in the family that has a dedicate Exp input that can interpret pedals with that function (and most likely you'd want the Mission Line 6 pedal made with that additional feature, think it's about $10 more than the one without). May be in a firmware release down the road, but I somewhat doubt it. For now your choice is 1 - Dedicating a button to Engage\Disengage for the Wah etc (my current choice of workflow). 2 - The auto-engage at a point (can be heel down or a custom position of your choice) which is tricky if you keep hitting that spot during playing and haven't the timing set right 3 - A conventional wah in the chain That's about it.
  22. Ha chuskey I saw your U2 video already and loved it. Then saw someone asked if it worked on HXFX which I have, and I guess you need the amp and cab models. Too bad. Although I'm thinking of grabbing native so will really try out your stuff there. Top quality.
  23. I had the same problem. Preset A would sound great in headphones then way louder than anything else in PA. Even within a preset I'd engage the overdrive when plugged into my amp and get the mean 'too loud' look from band or engage a Wah and the volume would go down too much. You have to go through them manually. Only way to be sure. Once you lock it in though you are good forever more
  24. Aha, always a good day when you learn something new. While this thread has been super lucky to me already :) the one other thing I've looked through in the manual but can't really find is.....there seems to be a way with external expression pedals where when heel position is set to disable say a way and then moving the pedal engages the can actually set a time (in seconds I presume) where the system will wait with the pedal in heel position before turning off the effect. Super useful for uncoordinated fools like myself who tend to sweem all the way back and forth on the expression for wah so will invariably hit full heel position without actually wanting to switch things off.
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