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cutting out at 60 to 70% master volume


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my dt25 has suddenly developed a dropping out issue.


after being run at a reasonable volume for an hour it went silent. I turned power off and left for a minute and repowered it... it worked again for a while and cut out again.


I gig it 5 or 6 times a month and have a backup of a jet city jca22h into a 2x12" cab which is great... but the dt25 I'd amp of preference.


could this be a tube/valve issue? if power tubes I have some el84m sovtek ones. can I drop them straight in???

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This is definitely a characteristic of a power tube(s) that is starting to go. 


Dropping those Sovteks in your DT25 will be fine, but may have a different tonal characteristics when compared to the stock Electro Harmonix.

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EH version of the tubes is best bet. EH owns the Sovtek factory. EH version goes

through extra testing, and there's more consistency in the performance.


When was the last time the tubes were changed out? If you gig that much (plus rehearse),

then the tubes ought to be changed out every 12-18 months.


Weekend rock warriors 18-20 months, while for the occasional bedroom rock star,

change them out every 20-24 months should suffice. Unless one goes sooner.


Have seen some tubes last two weeks, while others I've seen last five years.

Depends on the tube, the amp and how hard the tube is driven.

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