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Clipping Noise With Blue Comp?


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Just stumbled of those interesting posts ...


Not saying this is your cure-all but...
1. Put the Comp before the Amp module.
2. I only use the "Tube Comp" model and I really like it... but all the others are pretty lame.
Hopefully that'll help.


I have the same opinion..
also the Vetta comp despite having only a fixed ratio (which is anyway the most commonly used) is not bad


Can you share a few tube compressor settings and describe in a few words what you use it for (material, guitar, Amp, compress or compressand + change level)?

I just posted earlier today some questions I ran into using the tube compressor.

I like the sound but the model seems to behave a little 'unexpected', i.e., it adds gain at 0% Level for Thresholds starting at <70% (about 13dB at 0% Threshold)



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Me too...


1. I rarely use it on "High Gain" but I will check to see if it's harmonic content adds anything nice. :P

2. I typically use the same settings as hurghanico with the Gain between 5-15, the Thresh @ 20-50%; rarely ever higher and mostly on clean amps.

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