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How to Record Guitar and Background Track At Same Time?


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Hi Guys,


Just dove in to the modeling world with my first purchase of the Helix LT. I would like to play a backing track (usually Guitar Pro 7) on my computer while I play over it with my guitar, and have my computer record both in real time. 


I have FL Studio already so I am hoping I can make that work without buying another DAW.


I know how to import an audio file as a backing track into FL Studio and then record a new guitar track over it. However, I want to also be able to record the computer live with the guitar since I primarily use Guitar Pro for backing tracks and don't want to have to export the Guitar Pro tracks as an Audio file for every song I want to record.


Any advice would be great. Very excited about this purchase. 

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For no latency use your Helix as your computer's audio card (the LT does this right? I don't own one). Then do NOT monitor the guitar's signal through your DAW. You will hear your backing track through the computer and your guitar directly through the Helix which will result in no latency.

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