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Using the Expression Pedal to Switch Between Snapshots?


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I could be wrong, but I think the closest to this you can come is to map the internal pedal as a controller to more than one parameter. For example you could set up a preset with an OD block and map its gain or level parameter to the pedal. Set the min value so it is essentially off when the pedal is in heel position. You could also map the amp block’s gain and mid parameters to the pedal and set appropriate values. Then map your reverb block’s mix, your delay block’s mix, etc. This way you could use the pedal to morph from a rhythm sound (less OD, very little reverb and delay, scooped mids) to a lead sound with lots of reverb and delay, more OD, boosted mids and more amp gain. You would also have sounds in between the two extremes. I can’t recall how many parameters you can map to one controller, I know the snapshot controller can map up to 64. I have not actually tried this yet, but the other guitarist in my band and I were discussing it in our last rehearsal and I’m planning to experiment over the weekend.

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You can set this up, but it requires diving into midi controls a little bit.


If you plug a midi cable from the Helix's midi out into the midi in, then you can make the Helix sent midi commands to itself and control some parameters that way. 


Setting the expression pedal to control midi CC #69 and going from values 0-7 would scroll through the snapshots with the expression pedal.


I'm not really doing it with the expression pedal, but I'm doing this midi stuff so I can assign a couple of snapshots to stomp switches and stay in 10-stomp mode.

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