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Recorded live with Helix, FW 2.50


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Hello All!, first session of 2018! Using Variax and Helix listen to SuMo *(SuperMassiveMomentum) perform live over the internet from California, Colorado and Canada ..all in real time!.

SuMo is three veteran musicians playing unscripted improvised progressive music...heavy, grooving, shredding...its all here!.
Listen the the master at 96k!. Comments welcome.

Tech: I used some of the new reverb's in this recording (spotlight my favorite)

Follow us on our adventure





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Helix dual amp (dual path) using a rectifier and Solo OD , cabs are 4x12 v30's (two of them) one miced close and the other from a small distance

So its Helix with nothing else ..except i run helix outputs into two channels of focusrite red pre's.


When i say 'Live Recording' I am talking about 'live over the internet' from remote locations ..we are about 2000 miles apart and we use Jamkazam software 

which allows the live in the same room play over the internet

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