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Line 6 HELIX LT freezes


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I have recently bought an Helix LT with firmware version 2.21.0.


I have changed in settings the "footswitches" to be "Snap/Stomp" so I can take advantage of snapshots.

This has worked just fine for a couple of days but today whenever I change snapshots the system completely freezes.


For example, I set snapshot 1 to have low gain on my amp, then I move on to snap2 to set higher gain on the amp and I can do it (no issue up to now). Then I want to get back to snap1 but the footswitch is not working anymore. I try other buttons (any at all) and noone of them work. That´s when I realize the system is frozen. Then I have to reset the machine by turning it off and back on. Did this already 6 times today.


Please let me have your feedback before I contact your repair services..

Thank you.

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I would recommend updating to the latest firmware before you do anything else.


As far as freezing, if it's happening on the same preset, it's most likely a corrupt preset.

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2 hours ago, codamedia said:

What Phil_m said....


If you don't have immediate access to update the firmware, at least do a factory reset including the restore of all patches. 

And don't use that same preset again. Start a new one from scratch. If you are downloading presets from CustomTone or somewhere else, beware of corrupt presets that can do strange things. 

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