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String wont lock / stick in bridge?

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Hi Everyone, 


I am the proud owner of a JTV guitar ,  today for the first time that I bought the guitar i wanted to do a string change. 

But the string wont stick/ lock in the bridge. How is possible? On all my guitars the strings lock in the bridge. 

I hope I am just being dumb (probably :p ) and there is nothing broken,  Please help :). 


See the youtube videos below for what i mean. 

Greetings from the Netherlands







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It does work - exactly as you are trying it - but you have to align the ferrule correctly for it to catch.


Simple answer is that when you push the string end into the hole you should rotate the string until the end catches - and then you need to maintain a little tension so it doesn't pop out again. It is probably easier to thread the other end through the tuner before putting the bridge end in place then pull the string tight and lock the tuner.


Once you know the trick it is a very easy and quick method that takes a couple of seconds per string.


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On 9/4/2018 at 1:39 PM, Matt_Brown said:

I have a 59 and stick a capo on to keep the tension on while I play with the tuner...

59's can be tricky, good tip with capo.  


I take it bit further.  Stock Korea build tuners nothing to write home about - Hipshot, Sperzel, Grover, Schaller all make nice affordable locking tuner - kill 2 birds with one stone.  Hipshot uses solid no drill mounting system.  



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