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No input in Helix


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The last month, I have been witnessing some very disturbing issues with the Helix..


After playing a couple of hours at rehearsal, suddenly the Helix starts making low scratching noices when playing, as if the cable is broken... After a minute, the inputs shuts down,- there is nothing registered in the Helix - the tuner is not responding either..

I change guitars, I change cables, I shut the Helix on and off,- nothing works.


Returning home, I turn on the helix, and everything is fine for 15 minutes, then I hear the scratching and then the Helix is dead again,- no input is registred. I can see in the forums that I am not the only one, but the issues seems to be related to firmware 2.30 or connecting the XLR outputs to a phantom power enabled device. I run 2.60 and I have never used the XLR outputs….


I reset the Helix, and at first, it didn't have any effect, but suddenly, the Helix seems to work again. I played at home for an hour or so, and let the Helix stay on all night, and everything is working fine.... Happy again, I rehearse at home for shorter intervals.


Yesterday, I rehearsed with the band again, and after 3 hours the input is dead again. Right now, at home, I am playing away again... I cannot recreate the problem.... But, yesterday it happened after 3 hours of playing , in a preset where I have used all the DSP, and at the same time using the looper function.... And I am thinking... is there such a thing as overload in the Helix, that could course the input to shut down?


Any other ideas ? Is it the hardware..... I just hate to send in the Helix for repair, miss it for 3 month, and having it returned with a reply of not being able to recreate the problem....


Update: it just happened again... I have uploaded a sound file with the noice....





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1 hour ago, ClausHIllerup said:

I just hate to send in the Helix for repair, miss it for 3 month, and having it returned with a reply of not being able to recreate the problem....


Regrettably, intermittent problems usually don't get fixed until they become constant, reproducible matter what the device.


Open a support ticket and see what they tell you. In the meantime, back everything up, and try a factory reset. And/or install the new 2.7 firmware, and then do the reset. That's likely to be the first thing support tells you to do anyway, and whatever the problem is, it's not  likely to make it any worse... good luck. 

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This definitely has nothing to do with firmware and is likely some form of connection problem.  I agree that you should touch base with Line 6 support on this and get their guidance on what to do.  It's not going to be fixed through any settings or reset or anything else to do with the brains of the Helix.

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