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USB Driver install on 64 Bit Windows 10 Code 39 Driver Error

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After over 10 hours of installing and reinstalling I finally managed to get the USB Driver to install and run.



Workbench installs fine

Line 6 Monkey installs and updates fine but reports no USB Driver

Windows Device Manager reports corrupted or incompatible driver when usb interface is plugged in 


The solution:

Click Start, Type Core, Select Core Isolation and run, turn off the Memory Integrity then reboot.


The driver then miraculously functions fine.


Line 6, please pin this somewhere as it was incredibly hard to find a solution and please see if the issue can be addressed.

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I have been using the Helix since 2017 and I have always gotten this error message when plugging in the USB from the Helix (thru all of the Helix updates). Is this the same fix for Windows 7? (yes I have put in a ticket on this problem with no resolution)

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Does turning core isolation off make the computer vulnerable to viruses? I had the same problem with my X3 Live not being recognised by my PC, turning the core isolation off worked as recommended above. My question is, should I turn the isolation back on now? Or will that stop the drivers from working?


Also, I noticed on the Line6 software downloads page, that Windows 11 (what I'm running) isn't listed in the drop-down menu. I went for Windows 10, maybe that has something to do with the drivers not working?


Edit: I can't turn the isolation back on. I guess I would have to uninstall the Line6 drivers to be able to do so. 

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