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Volume/Sound Issue with NT1-A Condenser Mic into Phantom Power into UX1

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Hi all, hope you're well.


I'm hoping someone will be able to help me please.


I'm having difficulties setting up a NT1-A condenser mic through a UX1. 

I've read through several old posts on this forum but can't seem to find the answer I need.


The issue is the volume level from the mic; it's barely audible.


The NT1-A is plugged in to the input channel of a Neewer 48V phantom power supply (power into mains), with the output going into the mic input of the UX1.

The UX1 is plugged in via USB with the output settings set to 'built-in output' via Garageband on a MacBook Pro, coming through to my headphones.


I've cranked the mic gain on the UX1 up to max, pushed the track volume up to max in Garageband and 'Mic 1' input is selected on the mixer in Podfarm.

I can mostly hear a quiet, soft hissing noise (presumably the high gain setting) but when I go to record I can hear my voice quietly underneath, so seemingly the mic is on and registering.

I've tried clicking the +18db boost on the input channels in the mixer in pod farm, which increase the volume of the hissing and makes things a little louder but something's clearly wrong.


I've been recording guitar using Podfarm without trouble, so presumably I'm missing something as I believe other people have managed to get condensers with phantom power working fine?


I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how I can fix this,, thank you!

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Thanks, I was using a dry input from pod farm so I've switched it to 'Tone A' and added a preamp and compressor and it has boosted the sound but also the hissing.


I added a noise gate to see if it would help but I've currently got a trade off between achieving an audible volume through the mic versus the hiss; to remove the background noise I need to take it down to an almost inaudible volume.


Forgive my ignorance--it's my first time using a compressor mic--but I would have thought there should be a audible signal through the mic without having to push everything up to full blast, and without the constant hissing (which I imagine is a result of the volume/gain being pushed so high), so I can only assume there's still something wrong in how it's set up? 


If you have any other ideas I'd be very grateful. Thank you so much!



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