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PC+/HX Edit/LINK Settings Question

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Okay so I've got a Helix Floor, HX Edit, PC+, and proper "LINK" cabling/connection.  Am I correct in assuming that when I'm changing between PC+ speakers (or to FRFR) within the HX Edit program - that's exactly, and 'only', what I'm getting regardless of what it says on top of the PC+?  For instance, if I set HX Edit to use Vintage and the PC+ scribble strip says Dino, is HX Edit overriding or am I getting a blend of the two as if I were using two cabs in my Helix chain?  If I'ts overriding the PC+, I'm surprised Line 6 didn't simply include automatic changing of the scribble strip reading as well. Doesn't seem to me to be that big a deal. If it, in fact does, then I'm doing something wrong.

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You are getting what you selected in HX Edit. The PC's display does not reflect that choice. If you open Powercab Edit at he same time, you can see that the Speaker/FRFR choice made in HX Edit is immediately reflected in PC Edit, but the actual Preset in the Powercab does not change - it will just show as 'edited'.

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