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Swap bridge pickup w/ SD Hot Rails


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Has anyone done this?  I realize they are out of the range of recommended resistance, but I imagine this is more about tone than it working or not (hopefully?).

I have found a few threads about wiring in new single coils, but not a humbucker where there was a single coil. 


There is a blue and black wire on the bridge pickup in the Variax (I assume that black is 'hot').  I've wired up the black wire in the HR to the black in the Variax.  And I've wired up the green in the HR (with the bare as well) to the blue wire.  I've also soldered the white and blue in the HR together.


String it back up with 2 strings, no sound at all.  Tried the opposite (green/bare to black, and black to blue) and same results.


What am I doing wrong?   :(


Any help greatly appreciated!

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On 9/20/2019 at 12:26 PM, psarkissian said:

And stick to the recommended DC/bulk resistance spec range of 6k to 8k Ohms.


SD Hot Rails are 16K.... double the high end of the recommended range. 


I'm curious to know how this ends up... if the OP ever gave it a try. 

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16k Ohms will be a very dark tone colored EQ. Going higher than 10k Ohm will have a darker tone,

12k gets to be much (ask Richie Castellano about that one). 16k Ohm is way too dark of a tone for most.


It's all about impedance matching. Impedance is a function of frequency, it's how filters and EQ works.


telengard,... I hope the SD tech is reminded that these are not passive circuit guitars.

Can't treat these electronics the same way, or modify them the same way.


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