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Can You Assign The Pedal To Have An "auto-on" Wah?


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Hello all,


is there a way to have the wah automatically turn on without depressing the toe switch?


To explain it differently, if you are playing without the wah, and you simply move the expression pedal and the wah automatically turns on for the amount of time that your foot is on the pedal. Lift your foot off and within a set amount of time (2 seconds for example) the wah is turned off.


Morley wahs can do this, as well as the 95Q from Dunlop. As well, I have seen a G-System with this type of set up.


If so, I would get another expression pedal and have it as a dedicated wah that only activates when I move the pedal.






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This is why I bought another wah pedal to go with my HD500. You have to almost stomp on that pedal to get the wah to come on. When jumping into and out of a solo I don't have time to stomp it amd make sure it's on then do the same when I am done. Shame it's like that. :wacko:

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Following up on Glenn's suggestion...


Here is what I ended up doing and it definitely is the first time I actually like the wah in the POD.


Assign the wah to a FS to turn on and off just in case you want to.

Assign Exp 1 to control the position from 0-100

Assign Exp 1 to control the Mix  from 21-(55-62)


Now with the pedal in the heel position there is no coloring of the sound and as I press down it does not get that harsh, tinny sound the POD wahs seem to generate.


If it still has too much bite, assign the amp mid, treble and/or presence to the same pedal so they lower as the wah kicks in...

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