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What is your current rig? come and post!


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This is a thread for guitarists (and bassists! The low end is important!) who want to share what their rig is and what they are planning in the future. Share what Guitars, Effects and amps you have!




Currently I'm a part of a Punk band and this is what I work with:



A Stratocaster (Looking at some Les Pauls and some dimarzio evolution humbuckers.

An old mexican squier tele currently it doesn't have a nut or strings



Pedal Board

the good ol' Boss tuner, the tu-3

Boss BD-2 ( my favourite overdrive by far)

Boss MD-2 

Arion Chorus (the thing is like as old as a dinosaur but sounds super good)

Hx stomp

1. Phaser

2.  Tremolo

3.  Britt 2204 

4.  4x12 cali 30 cab

5. Plate verb
6. Digital Delay


Boss dd-7 (isn't a part of the board, because I'm using the hx stomp for delay but will use it soon so I can free up space on the stomp for eq)



That's my Rig so far I'm planning on buying some more effects and a boss Katana 212





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my rig is fairly simple 


I use guitars.

*Only 2 matter to me but they aren't part of my 'tone'. The other 100 are either collectible items, specific-use items, or guitars that are bought today and sold tomorrow. 



Line 6 HD 500/500X/Pro X 

*Yes, I have all 3 of the units (I do not have an HD Pro), but I only use one at a time. They are all the same, so nothing changes in my tone. But because of my situation(s), I have multiple of the same. Between travel, multiple homes, and sometimes I use a floor unit and sometimes a rack unit... 




I run direct to the PA. 

*sure, I have headphones, monitors, amps, and even those little $10 computer speakers. But those are to be used when... as example, I am here and want to play, so I plug in what I have available. Or maybe the "and friends" gig I host every week, requires me to take my own monitors because of the much smaller sound system. 

The goal is to have nothing between the pod and the sound guy. 


***depending on the employer, I may have specific devices. such as a talk box or wireless or a midi/sync system. But in general, it is guitars and a pod. 




And life couldn't be better. 
What once took all day to pack up, load up and load in, unpack, set up, sound check, tear down, re-pack, re-load and then re-unload... 

I can now show up at the venue 5 minutes before show time and be ready to go. I don't. But I could. 

And because everything is digital presets, I never have to worry about anyone turning any knobs messing everything up. Just recall the preset and it is back to where it should be. 



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I'm fairly new to all this and just learning so I'm a bedroom player at best but here goes:

Guitars -

Epiphone Les Paul (modded) Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Pups, Roller Bridge, Tusq Nut, 50's Custom Pots
Fernandez Dragonfly
Gretsch G7593t - BD White Falcon

Gretsch G5420t (modded) BricksBiggsFix Squishy Spring for Bigsby
Squier Telecaster (modded) Seymour Duncan Little 59 Tele Neck Pup, Five Two for Tele HB Bridge, Kluson Locking Tuners, Tusq Nut, CTF Pots and switches, Graph Tech String Savers Saddles, Graph Tech Teflon String Tree
Schecter Gryphon

Ibanez JS1200CA

Blackstar ID Core10
Roland Blues Cube Stage 60
Fender Mustang V2 - Sold waiting for pickup


Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer
Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Boss DM-2 Delay

Boss DM2w Wazacraft Delay
Boss BF-2 Flanger

Boss Ch-1 Super Chorus

Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive
Boss BCB-60 Pedalboard/Case
Vox Time Machine Delay Pedal
Vox Ice 9 Overdrive
Vox Satchurator

DigiTech Whammy 4
TC Electronics PolyTune 3

Helix Floor



Line 6 Wireless G10
Helix Floor Backpak

Various Pig Hog cables


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Since My original post I've moved from Punk rock to a Symphonic Hard Rock/Mock metal sound,  Since July-ish I've recorded 20-30 Demos full fledged instrumental demos that need vocals, (a few with lyric written) also 12 30sec songs that have a music idea or riff. so that's my life story so far. Lol


Since the original post I've added a Jim Root Tele which sounds kicking hard! neck is awesomely fast.

I've also added a Boss Katana 100 212 really good amp, the tube emulator tech sounds pretty good, I normally just plug my Hx Stomp and use an amp modal with the cab.


So far pretty good





Here is some stuff I'm looking at in the future



Mic. Audio Interface, Premium headphones, Studio Monitors,  pop shield, stand and xlr canles




PRS SE Baritone

Squier Jim Root Tele (THE BLACK ONE! That why i've got two, one drop C One drop D




Traynor 2x12 V30 cab


Misc. pedal board supplies


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Guitars - Line 6 JTV59P Variax and a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Classic


FX - Line 6 HX FX in 4cm and native*


Amp - Line 6 DT25 head and 2 x cabs


* I use the HX FX as a midi controller when I play online for which I use Native in my DAW (Mainstage)

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I’ve used a lot of amps and effects over the years, here’s my favs

For a long time I ran a Boss GT5 into a Marshall 30th Anniversary stack

The Marshall is MIDI controllable so this was controlled by the Boss

My guitars had MIDI pickups on them and this fed a Roland Guitar Synth into a small PA, speakers either side of the Marshal for live

the Boss controlled everything so 1 pedal tap changed me from guitar to sax/strings/organ


Great sounds, way heavy and laborious setup and strike rig at gigs


I then changed the Boss to a Pod XT then HD500x and ran this for several years


I’m currently running all guitars through a Helix Floor into Jam Origins MIDI Guitar (brilliant) running on an old iPhone through USB to camera connection kit, Helix controls all synth sounds for live 

This goes straight into Alto powered FRFR (need 2nd one for stereo now ;) )

This setup is so easy to use and sounds brilliant, consistent and one trip in and out for gigs (remember them)

For synth sounds Helix mutes guitar to main outs and routs clean compressed guitar to iPhone 

In studio I use the Jam Origins MIDI Guitar VST plugin - better than hardware converter


If anyone wants to setup Helix with Jam Origins MIDI Giutar on iOS for live there’s a brilliant YouTube video that helped me figure it out

- thank you Marc


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