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Customtone Sorting Problems Since New Line 6 Homepage Online (2014-01-23)


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It seems all customtone sorting problems started with the new Line 6 web site (January 23rd 2014?) ....


I have a Pod X3 live & since then everytime I try to sort some search tones results, the sorting engine doens't seems to work. In fact, if I click on "Rating" in order to sort the results, something happened but definetely not  sorting! Whatever column I try to sort the results with, it doesn't work at all. It seems a general bug. 


Do the peoples at Line 6 are aware that the customtone sirting engine doens't work anymore?


Thank's in advance,

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We should probably open a formal support ticket, I don't think that L6 gives these forums much attention... It's been dead broken since the date you mention, and it's still all messed up.


Not only does it not sort, the web page is not built properly, so I have to zoom out to 75% or the right side of the page is off the margin and cannot be scrolled over to.


When you click a tone name, iIt does the same behavior whether you click it regular, and if you right click and choose 'open window in new tab', each time instead of going to the tone, taking you to "".


I think they should reprogram it so every time you click a CustomTone link, it takes you to this incredible exhibit of tone:


Line6 Custom Tone

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no good.  You can still bring up a profile with all of a user's tones but if you click on an individual tone it just takes you straight to the home page  :angry:


logged in to Customtone, using Firefox 27.0,  Win7


Sorting works on all headers in the red bar.

Expand works ok.

Get tone works ok.

Click on the individual tone name, straight to the home page.

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Sorting doesn't work & the problem appears with either GoogleChrome or ie10.

In fact I think i understand what is happening now as oppose as before: the site seems to sort automatically by "Products" & then by whatever filter we want. This is not very convenient if we want to see the best rating tone regardless of the product knowing it will be compatible anyway....

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Sorting doesn't work:


For example choose pod X3 family, expand view & check "all compatible Tone". Then Type in "U2" & once you get the results click on "Rating" & see what is happening: an invisible sort on the "Product" & then on the "Rating". 

In that specific search on U2, the first tone is a "podXT" tone rated 3 stars & a couple of lines below the first "PodXT live" tone is a 5 stars rating. So to me it is not rating because if there are 500 hundreds U2 tone under "PodXt Live" I will still have to search manually through the pages to get the next 5 stars compatible tone.....

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yep, using IE9 at work logged in to Customtone:


clicking sort on any header does seem to sort, however, it also defaults to all tones meeting criteria even if you are only selecting certain gear specific tones.  Additionally, only the first page is sorted.  Follow on pages are not actually sorted amd clicking any header to resort takes you back to the default of all tones for your criteria for all gear.



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