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New JTV-59, new to workbench

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Aloha from Honolulu,


Just got a refurbished JTV-59 from Line 6. Excited.


A couple of newbie questions...





What is the best way to listen to Workbench changes through headphones?


I read somewhere that I could run it through my POD HD500X, but it seems I'm hearing the POD's settings, not Workbench changes.


I tried a "blank" slot in the POD, but it still wan't very satisfactory.


What am I doing wrong?





I'm now running my JTV into my MacBook Pro and out to a Vox cabinet.


Change the setting tho' I do — both on screen and with the JTV-59's knobs — but it all seems to sound the same.


I'd have though a Les Paul simulation would be rather different from an acoustic 12-string from a banjo...


Again, I must be messing up somehow...



Any suggestions gratefully received.


Will go back and re-watch the tutorials out there, try to get some of those tones...









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Hi Cat. Have you got a solution yet? What's your signal chain? The 'cat5' port on the '59 is just for data when connected to a computer via USB. You need the 1/4" output plugged into your computer somehow to hear the changes.


If you are logged into the POD you can either go 1/4" or use the 'Variax' socket if you have a VDI cable. The VDI route means that the POD can then change the guitars and tunings on the guitar patch by patch.


Hope this helps.

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Take a look at the input of your POD

Maybe it's on "Mags" and that can be the reason that you only hear the Variax with the original pickup (no modelisation)

Input must be

Variax if you are connected with a VDI cable

Guitar if you are connected with a Jack 

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