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Modifications to my JTV-59. Is it possible?

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I’m looking to make a few modifications to my JTV-59 and wanted to get some input of what’s in the realm of possibility with the Variax technology. 


The main things I’d like to add are tuner locks of some kind, a whammy bar, and a sustainer pickup. Would any of these be possible and what should I look out for when installing these additions? 

I mainly use the Variax models but, from what I understand, they’re all coming from the bridge so I don’t know what limitations that brings to what I’d like to accomplish. I know the Variax technology can be a very complicated topic and, hopefully, this is the best place to get an answer to my questions! Thanks everyone!

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What crusinon2 said.

Don't use active pick-ups, the supply volt rails are not compatible with JTV electronics.


-Whammy bar,... Bigsby B7, like the stevekc photos are the more compatible fitting ones.  stevekc knows,

I serviced one of his with the Bigsby on it, works pretty good.


-Pick-ups,... use passive pick-ups with a DCR spec between 6k and 8k Ohms for proper impedance matching

to the rest of the Variax circuitry. There are wiring diagrams here in the Line 6 Knowledge Base. Wiring pick-ups

in a 59 can be tricky because of how it's mounted, so be aware of that.


-Locking tuners,... Schallers, Gotohs, Sperzels, have a 59 here in the Line 6 service lab with Klusons that works

good too. Best to go to your local music/guitar store to match up for the right fit and spacing between tuners. Also

how high the string hole is matters, as you need to maintain a 12 to 15 degree breaking angle between the string nut

slot and the tuner string post hole. And the diameter can't be too wide, or there may be problems with sideways angles

that can induce secondary vibrations at the string nut slot.


***Now, all that said,... Line 6 does not support modifications that alters the functionality of the product. It can void

any warranty. Proceed at your own risk and ability comfort level. All too often someone tells me they are a tech, then

two weeks later their product ends up on my repair bench because they got in over their head. Be aware, happy hunting.

Make some good music!



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