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missing dynamic reverb


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3 hours ago, bassjeff2005 said:

I downloaded 3.11 and i have no new reverbs what is going on?


This is not just a single download/install. It requires both HX Edit on the computer & the Helix firmware to be updated. 

Where are you "not seeing" the new reverbs? 

  • If you don't see it HX Edit, then you haven't updated HX Edit to the latest version and/or the computer is not starting the latest version. The latter is more common on MAC than on Windows. 
  • If you don't see it on the Helix itself, then restart the Helix and make note of what version it is loading.
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17 hours ago, bassjeff2005 said:

I downloaded 3.11 and i have no new reverbs what is going on?

Im busy and i dont have time to play around with it. so any help will be appreciated. 



How do I update to 3.11?

Any chance you've already updated HX Edit to 3.01 (released on Feb 2, 2021) or 3.10 (released on April 15, 2021)? If so, just connect Helix/HX to your computer via USB and launch HX Edit. The software will walk you through the entire procedure, including backing everything up to your computer. If you updated HX Edit to 3.10, THAT IS THE NEWEST VERSION AS OF THIS WRITING.


I updated but why don't I see [Model X]?

HX Edit can't magically see new models added to your Helix/HX hardware; you must update HX Edit at well. Here's a link:


Ye Gods, will this nonsense ever end?

Oh! Yeah - we’re all busy - usually sorting out this stuff!

Congratulations on a truly astonishing first post? 

Hope this helps/makes sense.

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