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Snapshots make alien sounds when switched.


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Hey y'all,


I recently purchased some patches from for my Pod Go.


I REALLY love their patches!


However, I am having an issue. P&W patches are very ambient a wet. Often the delay and reverb is backed off on the rhythm parts but not turned off completely. For the lead tones the delays and reverbs are much more present. No shredding in P&W generally speaking.


On to the issue...


The snapshots are as follows:

1 = Clean ish Rhythm w/minor delays and reverb

2 = Gain Push

3 = Ambient Lead with Long Delay/Reverb

4 = Clean Ambient Swells


When switching snapshots there is a very audible sound anomaly whenever there is a large change in the delay/reverbs.


It's hard to explain what it sounds like. It's like an alien spaceship sound. The pitch also changes temporarily. It's not like this on every patch. It seems to happen only on the wet effects like delays and reverbs.


The other weird thing is that on some patches the sound anomaly is still there but more faint. In other patches it is very noticeable.


It's annoying when at church we finish a rockin' part of a song and we bring down the volume to transition to prayer and lush ambient swells. But then your congregation is chuckling trying to figure out what that weird alien sound was.


Are there any of you having the same issue? I imagine you David Gilmore fans might encounter this issue as well?


It seems that the more FX parameters that change at once from snapshot to snapshot the more likely the sound anomaly will be to show it's ugly face.


@Line6 Tech Support, will there be an update to fix this issue?


Thank you all for your input.


My equipment:

Pod Go + 112 PowerCab

Epiphone Sheraton II Pro

Fender Strat w/Fishman Fluence SSS

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Try Global Settings -> Preferences -> Tempo Pitch. 

This should help but may not completely remove the artifacts. Imagine you were making these tempo changes in real time using an analog pedal. What you’re hearing is exactly what you would expect in the analog world, and that’s what the POD Go is modeling. The ‘Transparent’ setting for the Tempo Pitch parameter minimizes the real-world effect.


There won’t be an update to ‘fix’ this because it’s not bug; it accurately models, and optionally minimizes, the real analog pedals. Here’s an exercise for you: try using real analog pedals to make the same instantaneous real-time parameter changes and see what it sounds like.

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I have the same issue and already got a reply from Line 6 through my support ticket.

It is indeed a bug that needs to be fixed. 
Line 6 has promised me that it’s on their 

“ to do list” to be fixed with an update. 

The same problem occurred a while ago with the Helix and was solved with a bug fix so they are aware of this.

Basically when you are working with delays,

and it doesn’t matter if you are in snapshot or preset mode or even press the same preset every time( so there is no delay time change and in preset mode the sound should start from scratch), you hear this weird artifact sound, which makes it impossible to use in a Live situation. 

( imagine this sound through a big PA system) when changing presets/snapshots.


Since I am a The Edge/Gilmour type guitarplayer, delays are part of my sound so I’m waiting for this bug to be fixed.

I love the Pod Go and want to bring it on our European tour in 2022, I assume it will be fixed by then. 



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Unfortunately I love the Legacy effects

( M series) and use the DM4 and DL4 sounds as part of my sound. The reason why I bought the Pod Go cause it has all of this in it and more with ease of use and compact size. I guess I’ll have to wait on the bugfix. 

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