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JTV guitars on Ebay

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On 4/30/2022 at 3:09 PM, cubbini said:

What in God's name would make a JTV 59 from Japan worth US $8,806.00 on Ebay?  There are more than a few of these!

Just wondering.............


Well its possible that the ones you're seeing are US made versions, which are laughably overpriced at ~$3800 (or something close to that, I forget... but that's in the ballpark) even here in the states.


However, even if they're asking $8K for the Korean ones, this phenomenon is nothing new. Practically anything on eBay coming from Japan will invariably cost orders of magnitude more than it should... doesn't much matter what the item in question is. Who's paying these absurd prices for stuff is a mystery, but I've seen it repeatedly over the years, for an astonishing variety of products.

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Something is not right with that link, it says Air guitar, and Acoustic,... vapor-ware???

I've hidden it until the admin can evaluate it further.

Don't see anything there that says it's a Variax, much less a 59.


In Japan? $8.8k??? Either a US made one, price is in Yen not dollars, or something off about the ad.

Definitely questionable until determined otherwise. Lot of scams and hacks the last couple of days on some of those sites.

Be aware.

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