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HX Edit Refuses to Open


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I've been working to try and figure out why HX Edit isn't opening for me.  I've run task manager while starting the program and I see the Microsoft Antivirus service suddenly get memory and CPU usage, so I went in and disabled it, uninstalled several programs I had installed recently, but the program still won't run.  I've tried running it as administrator which does pop up the "do you want to allow this program to run" prompt, but the program never opens.  I have no issue using Line 6 Updater, and have been able to update the firmware in my pedal using that without issue.  Both programs are installed, but HX Edit won't open.


I've disabled the AV, added exceptions for the HX Edit Process and whitelisted the folder within AV too all with the same result.  This has happened with two previous version of HX Edit, and I can't see what's causing it to be blocked in loading.  Any suggestion?



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Did you update the FW to 3.15? did you update HX Edit to 3.15?

Have you considered the possibility that it might be related to your computer hardware and/or operating system, and that providing those details might be helpful?

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On 5/13/2022 at 2:01 AM, my_jesus_saved_me said:

I've been working to try and figure out why HX Edit isn't opening for me. 




There are stacks of threads on here discussing the reasons why HX Edit fails to open on Window machines 


Have you fallen foul of the dreaded SD Card in slot issue? That one seems to be the favourite cause of this problem.




 Or here:


Hope this helps/makes sense

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Wow, that is something I never would have thought to check on the SD Card.  I ejected the SD Card and instantly it popped up.  Thanks everyone for the responses!  As always, L6 is the best community of musicians ever! 

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