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The Marshall JCM-800


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I was wondering for those of you that own and use the Helix what does the Marshall JCM-800 sound like? I have an X3 and the JCM-800 sounds awesome. Line 6 dropped the ball though when they modeled the amp in the HD Pro X because to me it sounds dirty, muddy, and distorted.


So I was curious if it sounds improved in the Helix. That is probably my favorite amp for my heavy metal playing.


Please let me know how it sounds.

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I like it, but this stuff is totally subjective.

There's a guy on TGP SWEARS he can't get a single decent tone out of it.

Then the next week he SWEARS it sounds GREAT!

Then the next week...

I use the stock 2204 and the L6 version as a two-channel amp (amps in parallel) and get any sound I want out of them.


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I really like the stock 2204 on the Helix... 


I've played many JCM800's in the 80's and they all sounded similar, yet different, IMO.... when someone claims this model isn't authentic what they are really saying is "it isn't authentic compared to the one I had". It is definitely the JCM800 flavor. 

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I actually did a A/B test with the Helix and my '89 JCM800 2210 stack, pictured. The results were actually closer than I would have thought. The sound was similar and distinct, but trying to use your ears to compare a 100 watt stack vs a Helix with 2 PC+'s was, as you can imagine, kind of apples and oranges. If you are a fan of the JCM800, I don't think you would be disappointed.


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