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Variax JT batteries

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On 8/24/2022 at 5:18 PM, psarkissian said:

Because they are not compatible. Return them. Two contacts on them???


Do Not use 3rd party or knock-offs, they are nothing but problems.

They might say they are compatible, but they are not, don't use them.


Use only the Line 6 version.


The contact points (two in and one flat) appear to be the same, polarity correct. They seem to charge properly on the Line6 charger. 


They came up in a search for Variax batteries but do not claim to be compatible. And apparently they aren't. Sheesh.

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The batteries and chargers are out of stock on the Line 6 Web site.

There are a bunch that claim to be compatible on that site that starts with A...

I need a spare battery & charger, since I'm selling my JTV-69 but keeping my JTV-59 and the charger and battery have to go with the 69.


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It's my understanding that the Line 6 batteries have a microchip in it that is propriety to the JTV Variax. It regulates something. So if you get the wrong battery you could fry your guitar.  If you want to be safe, you HAVE to get a Line 6 battery.

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It's a safety regulator circuitry common in the safer legitimate Li-Ion batteries. Ours geared for our product,

and prevents the inconsistency of knock-offs from being problem,... which they are.

Thankfully keeps fewer Variaxes from showing up on my repair bench for such reasons.


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On 8/25/2022 at 11:53 AM, psarkissian said:

Out of stock, hung up in all this CoVid related supply chain bottleneck stuff.


Like I always say, "Rumors are like rainbows and unicorns, they look pretty,

but you can't touch them because they aren't real."


Thanks for the detail. And for being patient with all of us. :)


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