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Compensated Tunnings on Variax line guitars

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Dear people


I just watch this video about a new tunner, and well, my goal is no to talk about the product shown on the video, but about the algorithm than Variax Guitar have when they are set with alternative tunnings


I dont have a variax but im am intersted tu purchase one and, after watching the video, on the link below, i wonder how "in tune" are the variax when you select the mentioned ALT tunnings. Do variax compensate (making the open strings a little flat) in order to allow heavy strumming? or are they linked directly to the std tunning? i mean, maybe the mentioned compansated tunning should be applied to the std in order to make the alt tunning compansated as well


Can anyone clarify?





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The Variax alternate tuning operates by adjusting the pitch of the current physical tuning of the string, whether standard tuning or not and whether actually in tune or not. If you tell the Variax to increase the pitch of any string by, say, +2 semitones that’s what it will do, regardless of the actual pitch of the physical tuning.

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Ok Perfect, now i understand, as i thought the alt tunnings were always departing from the standard ones. I thought that if the standard tunings were a litle flat, that was goind to affect the emulated tunnig. So i gues, it is possible to adjust in a custom tunning with the work bench, the compensated tunning the guy in the video talks about. Thanks for the answer

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A little warning. When using the tuning function, the strings on the guitar remain in standard tuning. So if your playback speaker isn't loud enough, you will hear them along with the retuned guitar coming out of the speaker and you might think there is something wrong with the guitar. There are several threads where this has happened. And for the retuning to work properly, the guitar has to be tuned to standard tuning.

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