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Where Is The Dream Rig...

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Good idea, so now it lives:


As for adding any other Dream Rig-centric features, I encourage you to go to our new Product Feedback page This is where you can post ideas about our products and services, and other Line 6ers can vote on them. The ideas with the most votes rise to the top.


Product Management and Marketing watch that page, so it's your best bet to get their attention.

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Yeah I'm in support of the dedicated DR forum. I just had to over haul all my patches/settings with my DR after finally realizing that all the info I got from piecing together bits on the separate forums was not really the full picture when incorporating it all together in a DR. 


Just one example: I used to normalize volume settings for my DR by just monitoring either the DI on the DT or the xlr out on the POD. But then come Friday night when I have the amp cranked up in a club, my stage volume is all over the place. So I'd go home and turn the amp speaker on and adjust my patches with the DT crankin. But then at the next gig, even though my stage volume is even, the drummer says his in-ear mix (which comes from the DT's DI) is all over the place. hmmm wtf. Turns out that the A-A/B and the pent/tri switches have a big impact on the level coming out of the speaker, but not necessarily in the same way they affect the DI output. Tones and settings  that sound fine across different patches on the POD do not sound the same when coming from a DT. And certainly you can't incorporate the huge majority of the HD500 tones and settings when you're hooked into a DT. Major tweaking required and only done successfully if you had a knowledge base dedicated to this specific combo of gear. 

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Say it again...somewhere a lonely goat herder may have missed the last ten references you made to your new Kemper.

If that is the case I suggest you go tend those goats of yours. I think they are pooping on your Line 6 hardware  :P

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If that is the case I suggest you go tend those goats of yours. I think they are pooping on your Line 6 hardware   :P

So I hear your new dream rig is a Kemper rack with a QSC FRFR speaker?


Cool story bro.


Does Kemper know you're slumming in the Line 6 forums?

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Gee, I thought this was the "James Tyler Variax Guitars / Workbench HD" forum. Oh wait. IT IS!


And I just happen to own a JTV-59 James Tyler Variax guitar. WOW! So it seems I AM in the right forum. Imagine that. ;)


(And please dont disparage this forum and participants by calling it "slumming". I still think highly of Line 6 products, even though Ive chosen to move on from the Pod HD 500.).

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A lollipope joke? Really? I lie mortally wounded by your rapier wit...


Run some George Carlin through your Kemper...perhaps it can profile a sense of humor for you.

Ya know, I bet it could. Considering how many other wonderful profiles are available in this device.

And while Im at it, I'll profile some intelligence for seems you are lacking in that department. I mean what else would explain your pathetic attempts at humor . 


(Oh yeah. And lollipope?... ha ha ha ha ha).

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My new dream rig is a Kemper rack with a QSC R10 FRFR  speaker ;)

I guess I don't see the point of this post. I'm glad you're happy with your Kemper and yeah, they look cool and all but then too they are $2130 whereas the HD500x is $499 so I would expect it to be better.  So the choices for posting this I have in my thinking are:


1. You're pissed you wasted your money on the POD to begin with and wish you'd just gotten the Kemper to begin with?

2. You want to brag that you can afford a "better" system to all the "Great Unwashed" at Line6 land?

3. You have little better to do than to come to a forum and push people's buttons who actually have A Line6 Dream rig?

4. You're outhouse rat crazy and you actually have no Kemper, but randomly post to various forums for the trolling effect and the thrill of that?


I can see no other reason for it, but I am an apt learner so if I've missed one, let me know OK?


Waiting on pins and needles....



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