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  1. Send it back in exchange for one that works correctly. ; )
  2. You are very patient. If it was me I would return it for a full refund.
  3. Not by me. Ive owned several of the Pod series and enjoyed using them over the years. And I think the joint synergy of Yamaha and Line 6 have come out with a fine piece of equipment. And If I wasn't so happy using my Axe FX I would have purchased the Helix immediately. ; ) As I said, I just hear a wider spectrum of sound with the Axe FX which sounds better to my ears, That and the wider selection of amps and effects also influence my perception. But I can see Helix as a viable alternative for many others.
  4. lasvideo


    Yikes! A deal breaker for those that perform live.
  5. Gee, is it a big surprise that most folks tend to prefer the sound of the device they own?! And of course keeping with that, I think the Axe FX has a wider more pleasing spectrum of sound ; ) BUT I will say the Helix does sound better then my old Pod HD 500.
  6. Wow. I did not know this... Axe FX - 243 Amps Helix - 45 With me, the more choices, the better. Then Im sure to find a few I like ; )
  7. I dont see the FR10 on that page yet. Must be releasing that info after the show.
  8. How much for FR10?
  9. Appreciate the effort, but best left to someone that can really show off what the box can do. I was underwhelmed.
  10. Interesting. I also own the Axe FX 2 and am running the current FW. I dont play metal and I find a wide choice of amps and cabs that work with my style of music. Whether I build them from scratch in Axe Edit (which I find to be a great, intuitive tool) or use some clean/dirty presets from creative owners like Yek. Recent updates have really enhanced the tones Im getting from the box. It sounds like the Helix might be more to your liking.
  11. My apologies, but I dont suffer fools very well. And the comment made by cruisinon2 squarely falls into that category. Hence my retort ; )
  12. Wow, what drugs are you doing man! Between your bizarre grammar and strange product name changes, you must be flying high ; ) Enjoy!!!
  13. Enjoy your toys children...and just maybe when you grow up you will be able to afford the kind of big boy equipment that real touring and recording musicians use. Artists Using the Axe-Fx Steve Vai Solo & Collaborative Artist Dweezil Zappa Zappa Plays Zappa Alex Lifeson Rush John Petrucci Dream Theater Misha Mansoor Periphery Steve Stevens Billy Idol, Atomic Playboys Peter ThornChris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge, LA Session Player Guthrie GovanThe Aristocrats Neal SchonJourney, Santana, Solo Artist Robin FinckNine Inch Nails Brian NutterKeith Urban Henrik LinderDirty Loops Andy WoodRascal Flatts, Solo Artist Robert FrippKing Crimson, Studio Musician Adrian BelewSolo Artist, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, many more... Dave MustaineMegadeth Chris BroderickMegadeth Danny ElfmanFilm Composer, Oingo Boingo Mark TremontiCreed, Alter Bridge Now run along to your moms basement and have fun with your new toy kids.
  14. LOL! Of course you dont. With all due respect, who do you work for (rhetorical)? And how important is it to promote the product features in a positive light?And if like many folks you DID prefer the software editor to futzing with your feet, would you really make that statement in public on your employers site? Im jes' sayin... I can understand the importance of the position you present on the advantages of editing with your feet on a distant screen then up close with your hands looking at a computer monitor. But old timers like me will find it difficult seeing details on the floor while standing. And thats just one of several good reasons why I question the validity of this feature for many folks. Signing off!
  15. And to leave this thread on a positive note, if I didnt have an Axe FX 2.... I would be VERY excited about taking delivery of a Helix from Musicians Friend next Tuesday. ;) Have fun everybody!
  16. Same as any other forum on the internet. Its a way to communicate with others. Pretty basic concept really.
  17. LOL! Only in the world of cartoons, my friend ; ) My toes are meant for tapping. Its a nice gimmick, but in my way of using it, nothing more.
  18. I think its easier with computer software (since I did have to do this same kind of thing with the HD500) because I dont have to haul the floor unit/wires up to my edit desk, fiddle around then place the unit/wires back on the floor. I just power up the software and ALL functions are at my beck and call. And editing presets and other involved functions with my feet...when pigs fly ; )
  19. I just like the Axe FX more. Better tones, better foot controller, an editor and constant upgrades .
  20. Yes, I just canceled my order at MF. And they were giving me a 12% discount. But I got over a bad case of GAS and realized its wasnt going to be $1500 well spent. You see I already have an Axe FX which I play the crap out of and a Kemper which I havent turned on in 6 months. I got carried away with the excitement that new gear creates for folks like me. And I really liked the new GUI screen. Helixs interface IS well designed. But I use the Axe FX 2 in the studio mostly. And Axe Edit makes any thing you want to do with the Ax FX quick and easy to do. Maybe Helix someday will have something as good. Maybe not. So the interface discussion is moot with me, and the real importance still resides with the sounds I get out of the unit. And at this point Ax tones are so good I dont pine for anything else.And the last 3 FW upgrades have done something special to the tones Im hearing coming out of that box. So if you want one that will ship in about 6 days to you. Better call MF real fast ;)
  21. Yes. I have it in a studio on the ground. Its way more convenient to build stuff on a computer screen while its on the floor. The Axe FX editor has been a pleasure to work with in this manner. Im hoping the same for the Helix editor.
  22. Does anyone know if there is a EDITOR planned for Helix?
  23. Editing with my FEET! LOL! Next thing you know I will be shelling pistachios with my toes ; )
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