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  1. I love my firehawk and 2 years in but there's some absurd no-brainer things that should have been included. One major missing feature of the app is ability to drag a preset and drop it where you want it. There's EVEN an "edit" button and all that does is help you delete a preset. My solution.. All the FH presets in the app do actually auto-sort alpha numerically and by symbols too. To that end all my presets start with a # and number... #01 F Dlx Rev-Norm #02 F Dlx Rev-Trem #03 F B-man-Norm #04 Orange AD30 #05 Mesa/B Mk IIC + etc, etc, etc This way you can do "save as" and force order alpha numerically. I use # as first symbol so all my presets list first since I do have some other things that start with numbers. @Punkyboy - I'm on an iphone and that feature you are describing does not exist. Sorry - Update on my comments... I described my experience in the "My Tones" tab.. Punkyboy may be correct for the "Firehawk" tab...
  2. I second Kilrahi's feedback.. you ARE “future-proofed” with the Powercab. It’s a great investment if you stay with a modeling effects floor unit which are essentially here to stay. Firehawk & Powercab is a fantastic affordable combo (compared to Helix, Headrush, Boss1000, that is). Firehawkkwah - you state your not concerned “it should sound exactly like this” and just making good cool tones...well why not have both!? IMO you can and this combo gets you there. I'm up to about 30-40 tones dialed in to sound very damn close to the original songs and nothing has sounded better than having it play out of my Powercab (non-Plus). See my comments above - I've experimented with many options. I also have a super critical ear and don’t settle for just good enough. If you especially like making “patches” that emulate the tone of your fav play along songs why be locked into a one trick pony amp when you can have the sound of 78 amps and 25 speaker cabinets at your fingertips? BTW speaking of amp - I just bought the brand new Line 6 Spider V 120 upgraded to MKII with the FBV3 foot controller just to see how it compared to the FHFX/Powercab set up. They definitely improved the sound but even new and improved FHFX/PC was far better! Needless to say Spider V/FBV going back to GC.
  3. Here's my $.02... I've used several output options for my FH including frfr monitors, PA monitors, guitar amps using 4 cable method, no 4 cable method, etc. Then I dropped $600 bucks on the L6 Powercab which I thought was nuts - $600 for something with no tubes, no fx loop, no knobs.. just strictly built for multi effects unit output? First off - THANK YOU guitar center for your generous 45 day return policy! Secondly - the Powercab (mine is not a Plus) was an absolute game changer IMO! I could tell from the very first chord strum this thing was legit and blew away all other options and L6 absolutely NAILED "amp in the room" and "moving air" sound. The PC (non-plus) breathed new life into my FHFX and for those of us that don't want to take the leap from a $400 FHFX to a $1000-$1500 helix it's totally worth the extra $ for the Amp. I have a very critical ear for tone and the FHFX/Powercab is a fantastic $1000 full gear set-up solution (~$850 if you wait for GC 15% off coupons)! Look - FH offers 78 amps, 25 speakers cabinets, 90 + effects, mic options, etc, etc..and many of these are HD. This thing produces fantastic tones and sounds and not all that far off from Helix. Save your $, keep your FHFX, pair it with a Powercab and enjoy for a while until L6 bridges the gap better between FH and Helix. I'm holding out for the Helix FX - basically it's the Firehawk FX on the Helix platform with a Helix "remote app" (tablet/mobile device controlled just like FH and Spider Amp). Don't get too excited, I just made this up. Last thought on Powercab... Yes, the 6 speaker options offered are fantastic, they did a great job with this and it's fun to change it up and play out of some classic Celestians, Jensen, Eminence, etc but TBH I stick with the speaker/cab/mic combo's L6 FH models - they did a great job with these and they sound better. Especially trying to produce 2x12, 4x10, 4x12 cab sounds...which BTW also sound amazing through Powercab. To that end - you also DON'T need the Powercab + for $800. Hope this helps those of you stressing about dumping FH, dropping crazy extra $ on Helix and then STILL needing an output solution.
  4. Here-here Noe!... Or L6, if Firehawk FX is now a legacy offering, please tell us there's either a Firehawk FX II coming based on the Helix architecture OR!... there's a new Helix FX coming and it's basically the Helix platform programmable using a new Helix mobile app!.. "Helix FX Remote App"?.. Why? Many of us FHFX diehards are actually Line 6 fans and we like most of what's offered in FHFX but we bought the Firehawk and stay with it (begrudgingly bugs and all) because many/most don't want to drop $1100 to $1600 on Helix (or can't afford to). That said - to keep our business and in the L6 ecosystem, maybe many of us would upgrade to the more affordable next iteration as described above. I personally would drop a new $450 for the new and improved FHFXII or the Helix FX with mobile app companion. That assumes all the documented bugs are fixed! Hoping L6 product development and senior leadership still frequent this section of the L6 user community...and if so thanks for listening.
  5. sbaraban

    Cloud error

    Hey Line 6 support followed up with me and this is fixed! I'm quite impressed with L6 support and responsiveness and some attention was actually given to FX! Now...if they would just make a few app updates!..
  6. sbaraban

    Cloud error

    Same issue for me! I've uninstalled and reinstalled on iPhone 6s, iPhone XR, Ipad and nothing works. For me its trying to delete any tone patch. "Cloud Update Pending"! and then "Error"! I'm running latest 12.2 and that was just released 3/25. I have a feeling that's when this issue started. I also just put in a ticket yesterday! So this will be interesting, L6 hasn't put out a FH Remote App update in 11 months, before that it was a 2 years. Will they have to send out an update to fix this?...will they show they still care about us FH users and this product? Please show us some love L6 and while you are at it, add just a few minor updates and possibly a couple new amps and effects!! See:
  7. Wow a 2019 FHFX forum topic update!! Love the effort jazzmann and thanks to the rest of you for weighing in and trying to keep this product alive! Hey L6 we're still out there and many of us love our FHFX and not taking the leap from $350 to $1100 + (lets be realistic, the stomp and LT won’t really replace what we have in the FX). C'mon L6 throw us a freakin bone here - few tweaks to the unit, add a couple more amps and effects to the remote app, show us some love! Look, I droppped all the extra gear money I had on the Powercab so we're still buying product, don’t make us all upgrade! Speaking of Powercab - has anybody gone this route? It takes the FX next level! Has to be the best “amp in the room” FRFR on the market!!
  8. Sorry all you wealthy Helix owners, I'm slumming with a Firehawk FX and my brand new Powercab 112 (non-plus). I'd been playing my FX through a Fender Mustang III V2 for the past year (clean channel, direct into guitar in) and I've had a decent amp in the room sound but something was missing and I knew it had to be an FRFR thing. When I plugged in the new Powercab - Wow!..I found what I was missing from the moment I hit the first chord. Question(s): Is anybody playing while you have your modeler cab turned on in your app (or program) AND also using one of the 6 standard Powercab Speaker Modes turned on? ...And if so... 1. Does anybody like that sound? 2. To the real guitar or digital techies out their - is this a really bad thing to do? As in it would it cancel out or harm the composition of the tones (highs, mids, lows, sustain, etc). Or is there possibly some digital modeling conflict a novice wouldn't be aware of? I ask because to my ears I feel like I'm getting some unique and nice sounds from that config. Yes, I'm also getting great tone using just the Powercab modes with cabs turned off in my app and also my cabs turned on using FRFR in Powercab. But I was curious about this other approach. Its kind of like you get your modeler tone and then can color the sound picking one of the speaker simulators in the Powercab.
  9. I’m not sure how to pull his off but there’s a template you can download from the Cloud. Search on - Four Stomp Box Template by EricVadala. He also has some very good YouTube videos on Firehawk FX tone creation and settings.
  10. Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I'm having the same exact dilemma having come to the realization the newest Fender Mustang GT with iPhone app didn't quite cut it. I love the Firehawk FX Remote app and the Spider V app is decent as well. I have the Spider V 120 with FVB3 at home right now and it all works nicely but I'm not sure I love the tone. Wondering if Firehawk FX will sound better through an older Mustang III/V2. Bottom line, I'm definitely bought into controlling my next set-up via iPad/iPhone and I think Line 6 has the best interface/features and color coded foot controllers. What did you end up doing doing Bemse210876?
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